Dear Noteblair, 

Yesterday on my morning walk I was listening to Marianna Hewitt’s podcast about the life lessons she has learned in her 20’s-early 30’s. Looking back I would say I’m a completely different person compared to few years ago so she inspired me to share the life lessons I learned that helped me became the person that I am today.

  1. Let things go-people, jobs, relationships , friendships,  clothes you think might fit you in the future…It truly doesn’t matter. if it no longer serves you in a positive way let it go & make room for new things to come in.
  2. Comparison is the thief of joy- Nothing will harm you more mentally than comparing yourself to others. No ones life is the same as others & the moment you start seeing the beauty of life in that your 2nd life starts.
  3. It’s okay to say no- Your gut knows when to reject something that is not meant for you. Listen to it!
  4. It’s okay to say yes- It might scare you but if it makes you excited then probably its worth a shot.
  5. You create your happiness- Easier said than done, trust me I know. Figuring out what happiness means to you is the key.
  6. Don’t take anything for granted-You will never be at this moment with this people. You will never live today again so enjoy every second of it because you never know what tomorrow holds.
  7. Peace over excitement-Specially when it comes to dating. If the excitement comes with peace, go for it, however if it is just excitement without the joy then probably you are in the wrong relationship.
  8. Having hobbies is hot-even if your hobbies are different from people around you.
  9. Quality over quantity- relationships, friendships, clothing, beauty products…In everything in life make sure you hold on to quality & not the quantity.
  10. Your timing not others- We all go through life in our own paste…not being in the same life path as people around you is not a negative thing.
  11. Take your make up off before going to bed-I don’t even have to mention this but oh well…It should be a life rule!
  12. Protect your energy- People & circumstances will happen in your life that might drain you. It is your job to set boundaries & remove yourself from situations that doesn’t serve you.
  13. Be kind- no one cares how pretty you look or what you wore but people will always remember how you made them feel.
  14. Learn who you are as an adult- when you start to get to know truly who you are, what make you happy, what excites you, motivates you is when life becomes more exciting.
  15. Make time for your loved ones- Life can be chaotic! & in a blink of an eye things can change. so while you can make sure you spend quality time with people who make your soul happy. What is left behind is the amazing memories you made.
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