3 SMALL DECISIONS that will make you feel incredible

“You don’t change your life by just thinking, you change your life by doing something”

-Mel Robbins

Beginning of the year I promised you guys a bit more education content & to be honest with you I didn’t feel motivated enough to do so until I heard this podcast the other day. Mel Robbins has been one of my favorite people to listen to. She explains real life issues & the solution to those issues in a very digestible way that it truly motivates you to take action. So After hearing this podcast I decided to actually tell you about what I learned from her in a short version. If you want the longer version which I would 100% recommend listing to it here is the podcast episode, however if you want the key point here is what I learned from her that made a lot of sense in bettering my everyday life.

Decision 1: Do not snooze your alarm!
Even if you are not a morning person, make the difficult decision & wake up as soon as your first alarm goes off. Research has shown procrastination first thing in the morning effects your decision making throughout the day & we all know no good comes out of procrastination!

Decision 2: As tempting as it is, do not scroll on your phone when you just wake up!
Personally I’m guilty of this one! I just want to know what new emails I received, what are my favorite influencers & celebrities up to…This is the moment that has a major effect on your brain & your life. So instead of saturating you brain with artificial information, go outside for even 5 minutes and get natural sunlight.It will make you happier & more productive! getting sunlight in the morning also effects your sleep schedule at night. & most importantly it teaches your brain that you are in control which will effect your decision making ability in the long run & you will be more focused on real priorities in your own life.

Decision 3: What you drink first thing in the morning matters a lot!
This is the hardest one for me as I’m a huge coffee lover, however I started teaching my body few months ago to hydrate before I drink my morning coffee. You are breaking your fast from overnight when you were sleeping, instead of drinking anything artificial first thing in the morning, go for a glass of water that will help reduce your anxiety, hydrates your body, helps your digestion. Caffeine on empty stomach increase your cortisone level that will make your anxiety & stress worst. Besides that it is not good for your gut health either. So I made the hard decision of drinking coffee 90 minutes after I wake up! I know it is hard but I promise you the coffee actually works better when I drink coffee later in the day.

I really hope you will make this SMALL decisions to bettering your everyday life. They might seem small but at the same time they are high impact things that in a long run they make he biggest difference.

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