Dear Noteblair, 

I know this year is not like any other year! I know even for some people it is difficult to find something to be thankful for, if you are one of those people remember some people didn’t get to open their eyes this morning & being alive is a reason enough to be thankful!
Weather you are celebration with family, friends or by yourself(yes you should still celebrate any holiday even if you are by yourself) I have an outfit in mind for you that will make you feel festive & obviously we have to dress up for tons of wine on the couch!

Matching Sweater with pants
No judgment here! If you want to be super comfy go for it but let’s do it a chic way! These matching separates are so comfortable but they look chic at the same time,  keep you warm & won’t restrict the amount of food intake (I told you no judgment here). I say add a chain necklace to make a bold statemen.

Casual chic
An statement sweater paired with a comfy & stretchy jeans ! You can add heeled booties for an elevated look or go with a sneaker to make it comfy! It is such an easy yet put together style. Don’t forget to add your jewelry to make it more festive!

Sweater dress
My absolute go to in any case, any occasion & any event! It is just super easy & you don’t have to think how to match your outfit! Add a belt for more elevated look! Heels or flats are boot away to go. If you are going super casual I would even say go with sneakers. I did a sweater dress styling reel you can check it out HERE.

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