| A pink Christmas |

Dear Noteblair,

It is the most wonderful time of the year & this year it came in PINK. Like do I even need to say how excited I was about this?! Being the Pink lover that I am, I was very excited to help my cousin set up the Christmas table this year. Lot of you guys messaged me that you are excited to see the table set up for Christmas, however since we were not hosting this year I asked my cousin if I can help her set up. Just to be clear she already purchased everything & all I did was setting it up.
I wanted it to be pink to match her house, also who doesn’t love a pink Christmas?! But I wanted to make it look chic! At first we were going to do do only gold and pink but when I added the dark ornaments it looked so much chicer & more mature looking!
The tablecloths were supposed to be ivory but by chance they were this muted purple that had a pink or mauve undertones, which made the setup even more bubbly & pink. The while plates were showing up more on top of something darker & the contrast was everything.

For the utensils Going in with the same gold vintage looking ones that I used for my birthday brunch, because they look chic, sophisticated & they don’t look disposable at all.

There was no specific method on how i added the ornaments, just place them randomly & mix in the colors. Use a full garland to make it look busier and the ornaments get stock on it, if you need use a hook to place them. add few tall candle stick & tear less candles & it looks absolutely stunning.

Hope your guys enjoyed this pink Christmas table set up. you can use any color that you want but i will never pass on an opportunity to have a pink moment.

Merry Christmas

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