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Dear Noteblair,

It is the season of giving & I couldn’t be more excited for the entire day that I will be spending wrapping everyone gifts. I know that sounds terrifying or draining for some people but I absolutely love putting time & effort into making the wrapping special as it is the first initial thing they see & selfishly I want it to look good underneath the Christmas tree. I don’t want it to mess with my vibe!
This year my family & I decided to do secret Santa instead of all of us buying gift for every single member of the family, so I have very fewer gifts to wrap. But still with all the cousins & friends there should be fair amount to go through.
Before starting this blog I just want to mention that you don’t have to think of something very expensive or out of this world for a gift. It can be the smallest thing that can but the biggest smile on someones face. I know this season gifting is becoming very overwhelming, but it should be enjoyable & that is the whole purpose of it. I didn’t do a gift guide this year as so many of my blogger friends did an amazing job of it. Don’t make it complicated, a candle, warm blanket or earring can be a perfect gift. The easiest thing to do is to set a budget & shop from sales!

As for the wrapping goes, let’s start off by…don’t stress!
It is the easiest when you are calm & you have a vision on what you want to accomplish. Few years ago I did a gift wrapping inspired by Zoella. It came out so cute but it was a lot of work & tons of DIY was involved. This year I’m a busy bee & also would like to consider the fact that I’m in my 30’s now so I like things to have a chic twist to them.
To go well with our Christmas tree (told you selfishly I will make it match!) I’m going with blank, white and gold this year. I know black is a bit controversial color for Christmas, however there is no color that is as chic & sophisticated as black!

Wrapping paper
For the wrapping paper, go with a solid color one & preferably textured. The white shinny wrapping paper is already a level up from basic wrapping paper.

instead of regular shinny ribbon go with this black velvet one & if I’m being honest the forest green will look STUNNING as well, or even the red velvet one! make it your own & use irregular ribbons! If you want it to be more advanced & textured, used 2 ribbons. make sure they compliment each other. burlap ribbon will go with almost everything. Make sure one of the ribbons is as simple as possible so it doesn’t look too busy. The thick ribbon combined with thin one is a fantastic way to go.

Don’t overthink the bow, if you can’t do the bow, no worries just wrap in on one side of the gift & hot glue the edges! You can add even few pine cones or Christmas tree leafs to were you connected them two it won’t even show what is happening underneath.

Gift bag
We all have that aunt Julie who decides to invite us last minute & there is literary no time to wrap…or maybe wrapping is not your thing. I say grab a chic gift bag, specially color less. go with this black and cream one. For the paper go with a chic and textured one for sure. my perfect one is small details but statement edges. I will link my go to ones below for you guys.

Gift Boxes

If you completely can’t be bothered by wrapping or even the bag, get yourself a box & make life easier. If you want to go the extra mile add the ribbon yourself, if not Target has has some amazing boxes that already have the robin on them & they look super festive. Boxes come in handy for items that are difficult to wrap.

During Christmas I always keep the boxes we receive for only wrapping purposes. some gifts are so difficult to wrap so I put them inside another box then wrap the box.
Put on your favorite holiday movie, make yourself a cup of hot drink (or wine we don’t judge here) & start wrapping.

Happy holidays!

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