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Dear Noteblair,

Burning candles can be pretty self explanatory however I’m very OCD when it comes to them! They have to smell chic, look stunning & clean, and also they need to burn beautifully. So when shopping for candles I always keep these things in mind. 
how you take care of candle plays a huge part in how it burns as well. few rules on how to keep your candle burn beautifully & lasts longer. 

♡ Trim the wick after each burn.Don’t go too low, just the burned top section. This will prevent it from doping into the candle jar & if your jar is white it doesn’t look nice. Also the burn goes down better and candle last longer. 

♡ Don’t blow the candle. If the candle has a lead in order to turn it off put the lead on, if not get one of these candle sets that has the snuffer to turn off the candle. When you blow a candle the smoke continues for few minutes but with snuffer it doesn’t. The wax become uneven when you blow it. 

♡ When burning a new candle, let it burn for 3 hours minimum the first time. if not the wax with dry half way and it will not burn all the same length. 

♡ Don’t move a burning candle o when wax is still hot. It will get messy & touch the sides and also might get on wick so the candle won’t burn all equally. 

♡ Use long matches to turn your candles on. The black dots or smoke  around the glass of the candle is not attractive at all. Use matches to turn them on to avoid this issue.


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