| 10 Facts about me |

  1. I was born & raised in Iran: most people can hear an accent but they can’t tell where I’m from. The ian at the end of my last name Khodagholian)  gives it away that I am Armenian but I was born & raised in Iran. Moved to US when I was 19. 
  2. I’m vegetarian: Did it for the skin & now it has been 4 years! I suffer from rosacea & tried everything that can help it or calm it down. almost nothing works but becoming vegetarian helped a lot. Now it is my lifestyle & I won’t do it any other way. 
  3. I’m 5.4″: yup I’m a shorty! don’t judge my pictures I just learned how to pose. lol 
  4. My first name is Dalar: It means always new & always green in Armenian. 
  5. I watched almost every show on Netflix & hulu :I have a habit of having a noise in the background no matter of what I’m doing. Our Netflix or hulu is always on & I get bored easily so watching it while working keeps me focoused. 
  6. I have 10 piercings: 5 on left ear, 4 on right ear & one on my nose. & I’m planning on getting couple more & then I might stop.(Will see)
  7. I’m scared of most animals : I mean scared is not the right word, I’m very sensitive to skin, I do not like fur or animals skin. I get disgusted very fast. I don’t like paw of animals or even birds. This does not mean I don’t like animals. I just don’t like touching them. 
  8. I’m a planner: Everything in my life is planned. I absolutely love making a lists, to do lists, planning trips, events! I love having a schedule &a ritual. some time to time I go with the flow but I am mostly planned out. 
  9. I just got my first tattoo: & I’m already craving more. It is on my arm & it is my surgery date. My life changed forever after that day so I wanted to remember it. Always! 
  10. I speak 3 languages fluently: I was born & raised in Iran so I know how to speak Farsi, since I’m Armenian we always speak Armenian in our house and of course when moved to LA had to learn the language. 



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