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Dear Noteblair,

One of my main products that I use many times daily in skincare & makeup application is facial spray & I feel like they are not being talked about enough. Facial sprays have so many benefits, they are easy to use, travel with & also they are so effective. Obviously there are many kinds of facial sprays however some are good for all skin types & everyone can enjoy the benefits. My main focus while using a facial spray is hydration and tone. 

Benefits of facial mist

♡ Hydration
♡ Makes serums and moisturizers absorb better- When skin is wet the skin acts like an sponge & absorbs the products on top so much better. 
♡ Helps with longevity of makeup 
♡ Helps with reducing the powdery look on your face
♡ Tons the skin
♡ Refreshing

How to use them in your beauty or makeup routine

♡ I refuse to wash my face in the mornings. The skincare that I put on my face at night is so beneficial that I want it to last on my skin as long as possible. by washing my face, even if it is with water only you are stripping your skin from all the good products and natural oils of your face. instead of washing my face I use a cold facial mist from my skincare fridge & mist all over. I wakes me up since it is cold & then with a cotton pad I go all over and use it as a toner. Here is the facial spry I use. 

♡ Before applying makeup I love using a hydrating facial mist even. i apply the mist wait 5 minutes then go in with my primers. The reason I love using spray before the primer is because most of my primers are for filling in the lines & pores & they can be a bit drying. When my face is extremely hydrated less creasing happens through out the day. I love using rose scented for the morning time or a beauty Elixir. 

♡ After applying powder to my face I always love going back and applying a facial spray so the powder can melt into skin instead of looking cakey.

♡ Specially summer times the weather gets so hot & having a facial mist on hand is amazing just to refresh your face specially if you have make up on. 

♡ During colder months I absolutely love using facial mists though out the day to add hydration to my skin. 

♡ Pool day must have, either while under the sun or after the sun the facial mist is a must! it refreshes, hydrates & tones the skin. 

♡ To set the make up. It locks the makeup in and makes the products to stay on for a longer time. the best tool to use specially if going to be under the sun! Here is the facial spry I use. 




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