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Dear NoteBlair,

Being SCARED-scared of trying something you never experienced before/fear of future/something you don’t know what to expect! walking out of your Comfort Zone!

I was never the one up for that for many years! I like to know the ending, I like to know what will happen! Reading back of the book before the beginning, watching the same movies and TV shows over and over again… All because I know what to expect.

Surprises are not my cup of tea! They scare me… Even the good kinds! Planning & making list, researching for hours to know how things will go down are my things! If I’m being honest I would call myself a control freak! I want to have control of the thing & when I can’t control something it bothers me, it annoys me &  I don’t even try it.

I’m not scared of many things in my life, I’m not scared to try it IF I know what to expect! For years there was this battle with me & myself. Trying to push myself to do things without too much thinking about it & overthinking it, to go places just to experience it…but all of that just added to my anxiety more and more!

I became more aware of things, I would skip on plans just to not deal with the anxiety of it! I still DO, with a difference of I now have control over my anxiety!

This is me & I love me! Yes life happens & life puts you in situation that you have to show up & you can’t say no! But at the end of the day do things for you! Some fears are too hard for us to overcome. The smallest fears for some can be the biggest fear for another! But life thought me be kind but do you first! Push your limits, dare yourself, challenge yourself because if you don’t you will be stuck in one place & that’s not living.

Leaving your comfort zone is very scary. It might be your biggest fear but if I did it you can do it!

I didn’t overcome all my fear but I did over come of the MOST! Am I still scared of future? YES-But  Am I letting it control me? NO ! & that is what make breathing being ALIVE!




October 27,2016

Coat: Missguided Plus Satin Trench Coat

Top: Missguided Plus Size Choker Blouse White 

Jeans: Plus Size Refuge “Skinny Boyfriend” Jeans

shoes: Sold out

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Sunglasses: Quay Gemini



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