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Dear Noteblair,

There is nothing that scares me more than pulling skin…Gravity already does that so why we add to it more!
Sometimes in public bathrooms I see people washing their faces & using the rough toilet paper to dry heir face-cringey-I litterly have a meltdown when I see that!
It has been years that I’m using one single extremely soft towel for my face every night when I wash my face! I only used the towel once because one, when towel is wet it collects bacteria, I don’t want to hang it in the bathroom for it to collect bacteria & then next day use it, two because no mater how clean you wash your face, around the jaw line or around the hair line usually has leftover makeup that smears all over the towel. I don’t want to put that back on my face! so bought 2 packs of white hand towel and use them every night and then tossing it into laundry. Recently we have been having tons of babies around us in our family & after few dipper changes that was not pretty I realized if this baby cloths are safe for new born imagine how safe they are for your face! So ordered a pack from amazon & I have to say my skin’s texture is completely changed. 

Why bamboo baby wash cloth

♡ super easy to use 

♡ You can easily wash it

♡ won’t pull the skin 

♡ antibacterial & hypoallergenic.

♡ free from chemicals & dyes.

I always talk about how I wash my face only once a day and people are surprised that I don’t wash my face in the mornings. I do a D E T A I L E D skincare at nighttime & I want the products to stay on my face as long as possible. When you wash your face you strip off everything from your face & my skincare is too expensive too strip it off after 7-8 hours of sleep. What I do in the mornings in order to wake up is I use a mist, a hydrating one & I use it as a toner. As soon as I mist, I use a cotton pad just to spread it & to take away any oil left behind from night before. You don’t need to wash you skincare off with cleanser in the mornings. Get yourself a baby wash cloth & don’t use harsh towels on your face. Also do not reuse them, just tos them in laundry & your skin will appreciate you so much! 


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