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Dear Noteblair,

If you never heard of time batching you are missing out being productive & efficient! 
I used to driver myself and everyone around me crazy by not having enough time to do anything! as I grew noteblair I learned how important TIME is.
My schedule was the biggest mess and sometimes i would just give up on my tasks because there was not enough time! Long story short after many times of failing & learning the hard way, I came across time batching.

What is Time batching you ask?
Well, time batching is basically time-management hack for more productivity that allows you to take advantage of your full concentration by grouping a bunch of similar activities together and doing them all at the same time.
For example, I only answer emails 2 times a day at a certain time. I do not answer emails, work on blog post and take pictures at the same time. I manage my time by focusing on tasks that are similar to each other. Another great example is I don’t get up and glam up every day for a photo shoot, I schedule my shoot once a week & get them all done in one day. 

What are some benefits? 

♡ It reduces your start-up and slow-down time: meaning when you want to start a task or move to another task, unnecessary time is spent on the changing gear. that is waste of time. Little by little they add up & most importantly your mind goes million places when it doesn’t need to work that hard. 

♡ Reduces unnecessary clutter-just makes things easier. Instead of checking your email 10 times a day check it 2 times and don’t spend the unnecessary time on a task. Keeps you on track & organize. 

♡ Helps with focus- One of the main reasons why I love time batching. When I’m focusing on one task for that certain amount of time I don’t distract myself with other works. when I’m time batching for writing content I only write the content & I don’t think about anything else like creating pictures or location of shoot. 

How I started time batching was creating a strict schedule for myself to stick to. In order to keep up with my calendar and to do list I had to time batch myself in order to get things done. A sample of my schedule on few days of the week looks like


8-8:30 emails
8:30-12 writing
12-1 lunch break
1-2 phone calls
2-4 emails & responses 
4-6 meetings 

I only focus on the task I’m supposed to be doing. I use time batching in my personal life as well. every 2 weeks I plan my beauty appointments. or every week I spend 15 minutes only taking a look at my bills and paying them. 

By spending a quality time on each task at a time your quality of work gets better and you are not overwhelmed with the amount of jobs you have to do. 


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