Dear Noteblair,

Whether you agree or disagree I think botox is one of the best beauty treatments anyone can get. With that being said I think the right amount is extremely important! I’m personally very into botox because after getting it you are you, but like the pretty & more enhances version of you!

I mentioned it on my Instagram that I’m finally getting botox again & got a lot of questions so I will do my best to answer them to best of my ability.

How many unites do I get?
I would say normally between 45-55 unites. Depending on the day & what areas I’m targeting.

What areas I get botox?
I get it on my forehead, eyes & lips.

How much does it cost?
Botox costs somewhere between $10-$12 a unit.

Can you change the eye shape with botox?
Yes you can. By injecting it around the eyes & eyebrows it can lift your eye shape.

Does your skin sag after botox?
Didn’t experience this! when the botox wears off your face goes back to how it used to be but I have not experience excessive sagging after botox. specially this time around when I didn’t do it for a year I didn’t experience anything abnormal except my face going back to how it used to be.

Does it hurt?
I would say no! but I have a high tolerance for pain. The person I go to does not numb & honestly I never needed it. The only place I would say hurts a bit is when I get a lip flip.

What is lip flit?
It litterly is what it’s called. Instead of getting filers I love getting botox on top of my lip to make it look a little bit more pouty.

How often do you need to get it?
It is recoomended to do every 3-4 months. obviously the longer you go without getting it more unite you will need. Also sometimes the wrinkles can get too deep & might not be able to fix it with botox so I like to keep up with it as much as I can.

Does your face feel frozen after getting botox?
Yes & no! I depends how many unites you get. obviously you are not able to move your face freely but I personally don’t like to go too much with it so it still can look natural & I can move my face.

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