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Dear NoteBlair,

My favorite time of the year is here & also my favorite post of the year! Reasons are endless but my top favorite reason is I am able to share my current favorite brand with you all and all details of why I love it!

It is not every day that I come across a plus size range that is chic, on trend & has an amazing quality! Not that I expected anything less but LOFT surprised me on another level.

When ordering cloths online with a new brand or even a brand that I previously ordered I’m always hesitant. Item to item the sizes change and worse than that the quality changes…With LOFT I didn’t had that experience. All the items that I ordered were the same sizing and they all fitted the same way!

Another amazing point? I didn’t even had to shop online because as I searched their web I was able to locate which stores carries plus size range! How amazing is that? So many time happened that I walked into a store hoping to find an item that I saw online but I was disappointed but how the selection & quantity is low in stores. Thankfully I didn’t have any issues purchasing the items that I wanted in store. I would highly advise you to check which stores carry plus size before ordering online. I’m sure there is one right near you!

Now to my main point why I absolutely love LOFT. Quality & fit of each item was unreal! My favorite outfit for the holiday season is this boucle pocket shift skirt that was giving me all the classic Chanel vibs! It is such a beautiful and timeless skit that can be worn dressed up or dress down. Paired it with another classic item which is the textured plaid puff sleeve blouse. It is a staple that is perfect for work paired with a comfy pants (which LOFT has a great selection of it) or it can be paired with a bold item which I did with the skirt and creates the perfect look.

The reasons why I LOFT so much is countless but one major point is that they carry from size 16-26 so all my curvy girls are covered and you can shop the items in your size! For reference I am wearing size 20 top and size 22 bottom and it fits perfectly.

Shop my favorite look & checkout all their new arrivals HERE.





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