Dear Noteblair,

This dinning room is such a transition from what we had last year. If you have been with me for a long time you remember our black & burgundy dinning table. It was just not a vibe honestly for me & since it was square it was taking so much space. Last year when the remodeling of the house started we finally decided to invest in some new dinning table. starting with the main & the most expensive item in dinning room we originally were going to keep the chairs<since chairs are so ridiculously expensive> & just buy the table. After a long semi miserable & stressful search I came across this beautiful set.
We are always hosting so capacity was very important to us. honestly I wouldn’t mind going a bit bigger but this is perfect for this space. Then the color was a major aspect. I basically didn’t want any color but I didn’t want cold gray as well since our wooden floors are so warm I wanted something that will complement it. & then it came to the 3rd aspect…bench! We for sure wanted a bench on the one side. I personally wanted a backless one but considering the fact that it wound’t be as comfortable this set had a bench with a back. This set was everything we were looking for. All the boxes check marked for us so we decided to get rid of our chairs & went with this set.
Then I desperately wanted to change the lighting in here. We had an old school chandelier. i wanted something simple, gold & different level one so went with this peace that complimented the room perfectly.
The bar car was another additional that I found very randomly. It is smaller than our previous one but the wood color & brass is going perfectly with the lightening & dinner table , the best part was that it was bellow $100. sadly it is sold out now. It was a great lesson not to always look for the expensive items & take time when purchasing an statement furniture.
That decor on the table changes every season or when I change my mind honestly. But trying to keep it clean as much as I can since we use this table a lot. For the time being I have this rattan tray from H&M home which I’m absolutely obsessed with for summer time. I have my fav Spring & summer scent from Lafco which is one of a kind , coasters & this white and gold box that I got from Homegoods a while back that holds forks & knifes.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post & it inspired to change up the decor to brightening things up a bit. I linked either the exact item or the similar ones for you guys.

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