Dear Noteblair,

If you know me, you know about my love affair with rosé. It has been love from the first sight & we have been very happy every since then..lol
Jokes aside, we all know how much I love rosé all year long. sometimes during cold winter nights I switch it to red wine or even a spicy margarita but you can always catch me with a rosé in hand most of the nights!
On a random night while I was scrolling though Instagram , I came across a rosé quiz posted on Mirabeau wine Instagram story. You better believe I answered every single question right because I know my rosé & YES it was a VERY proud moment. So I wanted to share some cool, fun & educational facts about rosé since most of you share the same love affair.

  • Rosé is believed to be originated at 1000 BC.
  • Provence region of France is know for it’s high quality Rosé, so try to choose one from the region.
  • Novinophovia – Means fear of running out of wine!
  • 85% wine is water so technically hydrating lol
  • The glass for wine bottles are often tinted to protect wine from light.
  • France produces the most rosé globally.
  • The color of wine comes from the color of grape skin.
  • The biggest rosé production countries are France, Spain, Italy & USA.
  • To produce a bottle of wine 600 grapes are needed.
  • The best condition to serve rosé is chilled at 46-50° F. < I prefer 3 ice cubs >
  • Foods that go perfectly with rosé: Prawn kebabs, Salmon salad, Sashimi!
  • Rosé wine is not meant to be aged. 2-3 years is enough.
  • Rosé is not the same as Blush. Blush wines are sweet, while Rosé is dry.
  • In France it’s called Rosé, in Italy they’re called Rosato, and in Spain it’s Rosado.
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