Dear Noteblair,

If you are anything like me, you don’t wear makeup unless you do a good base & for years I thought foundation is the only way to go! The more I started taking care of my skin the less I wanted to cover it, if anything I really started not liking the thickness & heaviness of foundation! With that being said I don’t mean I don’t ever wear foundation oh NO…I still do & love it for special occasions & night outs however, I completely stopped wearing foundation on daily bases.
I’m sure these products won’t shock you as I literarily don’t shut up about them & if you have wanted any of my GRWM’s then you have seen me using them! They have been part of my routine for years! & happily I’m carrying them into my 2021 routine because there are literally a match made in heaven for smooth, glowy & lightweight looking base while having enough covering!

From the first time that I tried Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer I feel in love with how beautiful it made my skin look. The imperfections were covered while my skin looked glowy & hydrated! When I say covered I don’t mean completely invisible! No it still shows through but it looks like skin which is my preferred base!
& of course me being me I have to add extra glow by adding 2 pumps of BY TERRY Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum ! I just love how this makes my skin look with or without any tinted moisturizer or foundation. It has this blurring effect yet looks glowy & it gives out the best tint. At first it looks a bit dark but give it couple of minutes it will blend in nicely with your skin. I use this with foundation as well! & on the days that I want to go make up free this is my best friend!

& lastly a newer discovery & I’m sure you are no stranger to my absolute favorite product for tanning my face which is the St.Tropez purity mist! It is not like any other face tanning product you have ever tried! I have tried drops, mousses & even gradual tans for my face! I had some that I liked however I LOVE this one because it is that good. It gives my skin the most beautiful tan without it looking patchy, sticky or orange! You mist it all over your face (& a little bit on ears ) & within few hours it looks like you just came back from Bahamas. You can even wear make up on top of it! On my no make up days this is another favorite since it gives a subtle glow and makes my skin more even.
& this is how I stopped wearing foundation! All this products combined look so beautiful on the skin. If you have spots you would like to cover I would suggest going in with a light layer of concealer. I love how natural yet perfected all these products make my skin look.

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