Dear Noteblair,

Sometimes we get used to doing the same make up routine for a while & when it comes to a special occasion we get lost on how to make ourselves look just a bit different & enhance our make up. Here are the steps I take if I want to take an extra mile in my make up routine to elevate the look.

1. Contour
If you are already familiar with contouring great if not it might seem scary at first but you don’t have to do a heavy snatched look. Just take a darker concealer & apply a very small amount on your cheekbones & few dots on you forehead near hairline. Blend upwards & with remaining product on your brush just blend it on your jaw line. You can use your bronzer to contour as well. Just take a little bit of product at a time. If you are not a pro go for a warm undertone bronzer instead of a super gray one. And also go for a matte product for contouring.

2. Add lip gloss
It is one of the easiest ways to make any make up look instantly lux & glam. There is something about shinny lips that makes them look super juicy & plump! If you want extra sparkle go with a lip gloss that has little sparkles & apply only on the center of your lips.

3. Use brow gel
We all have been familiar with filling in the brows & brushing them out. But a good brow gel application can change your entire eyebrow game. I’m not a pro so after filling in my browns I go in with a brow gel & then with brush I set them in place in a shape that I want. I have seen so many people brush their brows with eyebrow gel first & then fill it in. Try both ways & see which one works for you. It makes brows look fuller & on no make up days a tinted brow gel is a lifesaver.

4. Apply false lashes
I promise you it is not as hard as it seems. Use a lightweight lash that has a thin band if you are new to applying lashes. I love using the brush on lash glue. The key is to wait for it to dry a bit & gets tacky then it is much easier to apply. My go lashes are the Ardell demi wispies for a soft glam & for a a super glam look I love the Huda beauty lashes in Samantha.

5. Add bright shadow in your inner corner
It is a great way to brighten the eye. You can use a matte color or shimmer eyeshadow. Just take your shadow with a super small brush & blend it in your inner corner. For a heavier look you can drag it a little on your lower lash line. I usually use the highlighter that I applied on my face on my inner corners. It just looks more cohesive.

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