| How to grow nails longer & my go to colors |

Dear Noteblair,

When it comes to color we all know I’m very basic. Nudes, whites & light pinks are all I wear. All tho I saw this new hot barbie pink shade that I’m kinda craving to get…will see πŸ™‚ 

But let’s talk manicures & I grow my nails long. 

I haven’t gotten a traditional manicure in years…My mom once told me if I start cutting my cuticles then I have to keep doing them & that got stuck with me till this day. I go every other Thursday for manicure & once  a month for pedicure. of course that changes sometimes if there is a special event but I try to stick to a routine. I’ve been getting gel for past 2 years and I’m obsessed. Regular polish just does not stay on my nails and it costs me more to keep going back to nails salon. I know I can do it at home but, one I don’t have the time and two I will do a horrible job. So for me & my lifestyle gel is the way to go for now. I do take break for 7-10 days every 3 months just so my nails can relax as well. Always always always make sure you apply sunscreen all over your hands & fingers before using the UV light. I avoid putting it on my nails because that ruins the gel polish. 

What I ask when getting manicure 

  • Square shape
  • Push back cuticles dry- no soaking
  • Just cut the big extras on the side normally
  • Gel polish 3 layers normally 

How I grow my nails long

  • Take your vitamins- you have no idea how much taking vitamins is beneficial for your hair & nails. As soon as you start taking them regularly you will see a  huge difference in quality of your hair & nails. 
  • As much as I hate to admit it but gel nail polish keeps your nails longer. Same thing with deep powder which i’m not  afan of because it makes your nails look bulky.  If you are not a gel girl,Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Transparent Clear Hardener is an amazing product for keeping your nails hard. you can wear it underneath your nail polish or on top. 
  • Use your fingers, NOT your nails-I see so many people using their nails when trying to push something or take off something. Use your fingers, never put direct pressure on your nails. 
  • Cut your nails short every once in a while. Broken nail is not considered cutting. Just like hair, your nails need to be cut for a stronger growth. 


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