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Dear Noteblair,

To give a little backstory, for the longest time ever I wanted to cut my hair & finally January of this year I did it. Last time that I cut my hair was I think 3 years ago. Keeping up with blond hair, going dark a bit and bring it back to platinum was super damaging to my hair so I was left with hair that I wasn’t even excited to style anymore because it was soooo damaged. So I finally pulled the trigger and cut my hair just below my ear. I am obsessed with short hair now. My hair is so healthy, voluminous & so easy to manage. I didn’t have the intention of growing it back, however I invested in amazing products to keep my hair healthy & as a result my hair grew so fast! You can read my haircare routine here Here is how I grew my hair loner-faster!

  • Invest in a boar bristle brush
    Have you ever noticed when you wear black how much hair breakage you have on your back? or when brushing your hair you see tons of little hairs flying in the air. Those are damaged & dried ends. Boar bristle brush prevents hair from falling out, detangles every hair type, even the most stubborn ones, gives hair strength, spreads your scalp’s natural oils, & it takes the freeze away. I know they can be a little expensive, but they literally last a lifetime. 
  • Sleep on a silk pillow case
    I can not stress this enough! i have talked about silk pillow case so much here that if you already don’t have one we can’t be friends!!!I promise you it is not slippery or uncomfortable. Invest in a good material silk. make sure you are not buying the nylon ones. Silk pillow case is so gentle on your hair. it does’t take the moister of the hair like cotton does. 
  • Use wire hair ties
    My biggest advise when styling hair is try not to pull your hair. That being said putting you hair in pony tail or bun every single day can result in breakage. because you are literally bending the hair and leaving it like that for several houses. If you must have your hair up, don’t pull your hair & use a wire hair ties which are so much more gentle on the hair. If you want to be extra-I mean I don’t expect anything less-use a silk one. 
  • Avoid wet updos
    If a dry hair ponytails &buns with can do damage, can you even imagine how much more damaging it is to do an updo with wet hair? Wet hair is much more fragile. Never tie up your hair when it is wet. It can cause lots of hair loss and breakage. 
  • Use hair masks
    I try to do masks once a week which is basically every time I wash my hair.( yes I only wash my hair once a week/sometimes even longer) I do a mix of strengthening & moisturizing masks. i use Olaplex#3 the night before when I’m supposed to wash my hair. I leave it for at least 6-8 hours. It will transform your hair after 1 mount of using. You will see less breakage, less hair falling. In shower mask- I use ovation cell therapy & I’ve seen amazing results on my hair & on everyone that I recommended them using. I started using it 7 years ago. and I just got lazy and didn’t use it for 2 years. now that I started using it again I can see how much it effects. My hair is thicker, longer &  bouncer. And for moisturizing I use KÉRASTASE Nutritive mask. leave it on for 2-3 minutes and rinse off. if I’m in a rush i will add the ovation one on my roots and the KÉRASTASE mask on my ends, Wait 3-5 minutes & wash it off. Masks are so so good for your hair specially if you use heat on your hair a lot. 
  • Avoid washing your hair often
    This deserves it’s on separate blog post- but stop washing your hair & train your hair to be washed less. the Shampoo, brushing the wet hair, heat styling again-is ALL very damaging for hair. once a week is enough honestly. 
  • Use heat protecting sprays
    Lot of people skip this because they think it is not doing anything. IT DOES. it is one of the most important steps in my hair care. It protects your hair not only from heart but from UV as well. 
  • Take your vitamins
    Nutrition deficiency can cause a lot of hair loss. Try to take as much a nutrition as you can through your food however consult your doctor if you need to take any supplements. 
  • Trim you hair
    Don’t keep the damaged hair…it will only cause you more hair loss and less body in your hair.Get regular trims & that will help you hair grow faster because the ends will be healthy and less breakage equals to longer hair. 




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