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Dear Noteblair,

I’m all about routines all day every day for the rest of my life. That is just my personality and I stay so organized & on top of my To DO list. However morning routine is one of the most important ones for me.It sets the whole day for me and how I will be throughout the day so I spend more time on it & I get very specific. Also it is my me time as well. If I don’t do my routine I honestly have some of the crappiest day ever & no one likes that. It sets my motivation straight, I’m more productive & I’m less cranky. 

To being with I skip alarms…I know it is difficult but I trained my body for years. My internal clock just wakes up automatically few minutes before when I’m supposed to which is 5:45AM. I just do not like the sound of alarm it stresses me out & it is honestly not pleasant for me whatsoever. On the days that I’m tired and there is a chance that I might not wake up on time I set my google home hub alarm or when using my phone I would change the alarm sound to something very mellow. like ocean noise. 

As soon as I open my eyes I lay down in bed for 1-2 minutes & appreciate  everything I have in my life, roof over my head, family, a job to go to…Gratitude is so important in my life. 

After my 2 minutes of gratitude I immediately get my rose quartz roller & my favorite serum or oil and walk towards the kitchen. I have beauty fridge right next to my bed & I’m obsessed with it. There is something so satisfying about a cold roller and a cold serum or oil early in the morning The roller gets the lymphatic system going in my face & the coldness just wakes me up. As I am making my coffee I’m rolling my face. I have a whole post about why I love facial rollers you can read about it here

I need to have my coffee in order for anyone to talk to me. I can’t function and I can’t even get ready before my first sip of coffee. I make myself a lemon water-sometimes hot sometimes cold depending on my mood. I take my coffee & lemon water back to my room. While getting ready I listen to a podcast. I’m very specific what kind of podcast I listen to in the mornings. I want to listen to someone motivational because that sets my whole day & I am so much more productive rather than when I’m listening to a funny or story like podcast. 

While listening to podcast I do my morning skincare routine while sippin on my lemon water. After that I open up my journal and I take a look at my to do list for the day. I’m not someone who clutter their mind with remembering things… I like to see it written down. I don’t write it on my phone because I personally don’t like to look at my phone until I’m fully done with my morning routine. Most days I won’t check anything until i get to work and that is normally 1-2 hours after getting up. 

When you look at your phone, or check your social early in the morning you are focusing on what others are doing instead of focusing on what you need to do & the outcome of that is never positive. 

After checking my to do list I get ready for work. I work from office few days a week so this routine can even work for people who have a 9-5 job. I give myself an hour for my morning routine. Sometimes even less but I’m a kind a person who likes to take their time. I hate being rushed. While getting ready I have my vision board right next to my vanity. Every single day I make sure to look at it & I’m a huge believer in law of attraction. Everything that I want to achieve in my life I put it on my vision bored from small to big. 

I do my no makeup-makeup routine & get dressed. at this point ‘m having coffee & still listening to podcast. I sometimes if I have times, will write down points of the podcast in my notebook. I love going back to them when I’m feeling down or lost. 

I’ll have breakfast after 9AM. It works better with my body. I try to not eat after 7PMand I don’t eat anything until 9AM. 

Here is few tips that can help you to be provocative & stay motivated.

Wake up early – even if you are working from home or later in the day, Waking up early gives you more time to do a lot more. You know the saying we all have the same time in a day as Beyonce..! That is very true! 

Get enough sleep– I make sure I get 7-8 hours of sleep. when I was younger my last concern was sleep but now I literally schedule my bed time. My ideal time to go to bed is 10-10:30. 

Create a to do list-I’m very specific with my to do list. not only I put in my work to do list but general life things too, like washing my hair, going to post office. get specific it will help you be so much more organize. 

Wake up with a grateful heart– be thankful for everything you have & work hard for everything you want to have. 

Get rid of toxic people & negative energy– No none needs that negative energy or people who won’t clap for you when you are winning. Get rid of them. Sometimes a random stranger on social media gives you a negative vibe. I’m a always a huge believer you should follow people who inspire & motivate you. unfollow & get rid of that negative energy. 

Don’t be scared to try it- What is the worst that can happen? you can fail right? you know what is worst than failure? regret! you can get up after failing but the feeling of regret for the rest of your life you can’t forget that pain. 

Have a me time– My mornings are my me time. that is why when they are so important for me. if you have kids wake up 30-45  minutes before they wake up and do everything you want to do, that can be reading a book, mediating, reading a magazine or even taking a bath. A good morning routine can set your whole day.

You do YOU– I can’t stress enough on this. Let people motivate you and inspire you but don’t ever focus more on what others are doing , because you will focus on their life more than you are focused on your life. stay in your lane, plan your goals & work towards them.








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