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Dear NoteBlair,

I cannot tell how many times a day people assume I just got a blowout! when in reality probably I haven’t washed my hair for 4-5 days! Yes you heard it!

I wash my hair maybe every 6-7 days! Sometimes even longer! Washing your hair is damaging your hair period. That’s all you need to know for now. because I don’t wash my hair that often & also I don’t like to walk around with greasy & dirty hair so I learned few tips and tricks over the years to help my blowout lasts longer.

  • Don’t touch your hair : I know it’s a habit! I do it sometimes too but then I remember how much I hate washing my hair, drying it, styling it &… So I stop touching it.  Touching your hair constantly can cause breakage as well. Just leave it alone!
  • Sleep with your hair in a bun or pony: Use a wire like hair band(linked below). They don’t leave a dent in your hair even if your hair is straight. do a loose bun or pony. don’t leave your hair open. it gets pulled during the night and also dents are much more because let’s be real noun of wake up just the way we slept (If you do lucky you) .
  • Use Satin pillow case: It is the best thing you can do to your hair, I have a whole blog post about the benefits of satin sheets. click HERE. Defrizzes hair & also by not taking the moisture of the hair out, hair stays shiny.
  • Dry shampoo: My BFF! what was life before dry shampoo? don’t use it excessively. It can clog scalp follicles so use only when its needed. my best tip is to turn your hair upside down, spray a bit on your roots, massage it gently so it becomes completely transparent and the brush your hair. It adds so much volume to your hair as well.
  • Avoid heavy hair products : after million years of searching for products I finally found products that are lightweight but work. use styling creams or oils that won’t make your hair dirty after washing it. Know the order of the products that you use. How I do it after shower is, leave in conditioner or detangle , leave in treatment, styling cream & when I style it I add oil.
  • Go for different hair styles for a week: If your hair can hold an style for a week that’s amazing but if it doesn’t then change up your hairstyle. I start with blow dried straight hair, day 2-3 I curl it and day 5-6 I braid it and day 7 It goes into a bun.
  • Use hair masks: Hair masks give the lost hydration back to your hair. specially if you wash your hair every 6-7 days the roots might look oily due to the natural oils of your scalp but the ends lost all the hydration they had. so It’s best to use a air mask before showering. I love leaving hair masks (mostly count oil) for 3-4 hours before taking shower.

I will link products that help me to go for a week without washing my hair. If you have any questions comment down below.

August, 23 2018


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