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Dear NoteBlair,

Ordering a gown can be so irritating and difficult. I’m sure we all have been there, when we order a beautiful dress online but when the item arrives the quality is really disappointing!

I have always admired the design, the fabric and the fit of Mr. Shoji’s designs. The quality of his dresses are fantastic.
Being a plus size girl, there are more factors beside fitting well that makes a brand or a dress to stand out. The quality of the fabric has an enormous effect on how well the dress fits and with Tadashi dresses I never ever have to worry about how the dress will fit. The well quality of the fabric helps the dress to fit in perfectly while hiding the cellulates or imperfections of the skin.

One of the main factors while choosing a gown for me is the sizing! The size chart was so true to size that it is indescribable. The amazing team of Tadashi asked me take a look at the size chart while choosing a size and they were absolutely right! I have a pear shape body so normally it is harder for me to choose a dress size, however the dress was fitting perfectly fine in all the right places.

My favorite dresses from the new collections were this gorgeous royal blue lace detail dress & this Red maxi dress. Loved the nude mesh on top. Both dresses were the perfect height(for reference I’m 5’4).

Thanks to the amazing team of Tadashi Shoji for providing me with this dresses.

August 13th 2018


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