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Dear Noteblair,

If you know me you know, at this point I watch shows as a living! all day every day! You might ask how do you work & watch shows! the answer is I’m a great multitasker & I have this habit of having a noise in the background at all times! As a result I watch a lot of shows! I have almost finished all the shows on Netflix & Hulu! i would say this tho, not all of these shows are made for background TV shows, some of them litterly sinks you in & you need pay more attention while watching!
Obviously the list can be very long, since there are shows like gossip girl, friends &…that are always good idea! but I tried to focus more on shows that are currently active & new seasons will be added either this year or next year!

Either you are like me or you are just looking for shows to binge watch here are my favorites currently!

Would it even be my list if it didn’t include this show? You guys know I’m a huge fan of the show even tho it is such a messy show to watch! one of those that It had my full attention! can’t wait for season 3!

This is a feel good show! great for binge watching because 5 season is out already! characters are supper interesting & super relocatable!

I couldn’t not include this show not only because it is so relateable but because it has the best message to every single person struggling with self image! It is a must watch!

The bold type-Hulu
Young social media world best friends & their struggles and challenges in this day & age! super interesting also the show is filmed in NY so very much into it!

What/If –Netflix
A complicated women & her power! It is more of an intense show but loved the first season!

Four weddings and a funeral-Hulu
One of the most feel good shows I’ve watched in years! Honestly it can be the fact that it was shot in London! Life of a few friends going through struggle of finding love & trying to hustle their way in their carriers.

Dead to Me-Netflix
Loved the story! It was not one of those shows that needed my full attention as it was progressing very slow to me! but it is such a good show to watch.

If you like a mistery, mixed in with fashion, thriller,drama & romance this is your show! The 3rd season just came out so have a lot to catch up on! the best part each episode is 60 minutes long!

Sex Education-Netflix
Super funny & also relocatable! It is story of a young boy in high school and all the struggles and confusions about sex.

Big Little Lies –Hulu
Another show that progresses super slow so it didn’t need my full attention even tho it has some key details. It is not the most uplifting show, more focused on different family’s issues and struggles.

Good Girls-Netflix
Few minutes in & I was so into the drug dealer that I couldn’t stop watching! It is funny & the story line is interesting with a little hint of romance.

The accent did it for me! not only the fact that he is super charming & good looking! His acting and script is so good that even tho I’m more into realistic shows I got socked in!

Girlfriends guide to divorce-Netflix
Funny & interesting! Story of few girlfriends going through life & struggles with their kids, husbands & work! It doesn’t need your full attention so you can do your things and have it playing in the background!

Cable girls-Netflix
This show is not like a normal shows that I watch! I’m more into modern shows, however the story line was so nice! Another show that you can have it playing while getting ready as it progress slowly. it has romance & thriller so they keep it super spicy.

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