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Dear Noteblair,

We all know by now skincare is one of main priorities in life! When my skin is in order I feel the most confidence so yes I do spend a lot of time on it. however all of this steps take only 1-15 minutes of my day! I listen to podcast or bossa nova while doing my skincare. Light a candle & just make it a great me time & set the mood for a good night sleep. I often get question on in which order is skincare applied & trust me it is important to apply it correctly so your skin can soak in all the benefits of the skincare. Applying the wrong order not only won’t help your skin it will also damage it as well and can leave your skin, dehydrated, broken out & irritated.
You do not need to do all of these steps, I have a skincare for beginners blog post that explains in details 3 essential steps for anyone who is new to skincare world. However if you you are anything like me & love a good detailed skincare lets get into this.

Step 1: Remove makeup
The makeup, sunscreen & pollution sits on your skin during the day, so a double cleanse is essential especially if you wear makeup & sunscreen. My favorite way of removing makeup is using balms, because they are hydrating & don’t pull the skin. If I’m not wearing makeup I love going in with a micellar water & cotton pad before cleansing.

Step 2: cleanser
No matter if I wore makeup that day or not, cleanser is essential! No skincare is acceptable without cleansing your face. I like to use simple cleanser that won’t dry out my skin however will get rid of all the built up in my pores.  

Step 3: Exfoliator
A step that most people skip on & it shows when applying makeup. You have to get rid of the dead skin which is the first layer on top. Exfoliating not only helps make up to look smoother, it cleanses the pores which as a result they look smaller. It evens out the skin & skin is now ready to sink all the amazing serums you are about to put on.

Step 4: Toner
The name is on it. it tones your skin & depending on what your skin needs you can choose a toner. You can use a hydrating one, peel one or brightening. It all depends what your skin needs.

Step 5: Treatment
After toner I wait 2-3 minutes and then apply acne treatment. The one I have been obsessed with for years is the La Roche-Posay Duo Dual Acne Treatment. I’m 30 years old and I still randomly get acne because of either  anew product I tried or too much dairy in my diet. This treatment is the best for keeping acne away.

Step 6: Serum
My favorite skincare step that most people forget to use. Hydration is super imporartant but serum is the concentrated skincare that makes the biggest difference. Just like toner depending on what your skin needs, or what your concerns are you can chose a serum. Serums can be anti-aging, brightening, smoothing, hydrating. A universal serum that has all the amazing benefits anyone can look for is the clarins double serum.

Step 7: Eye cream
If a glass of wine is all you can handle, it’s time for you to start wearing eye cream! I started when I was 18 and people are always amazed on how I don’t have any bags, wrinkles or dark under eyes. I do have some wrinkles now but way less than people my age. The secret is I always always always applied eye cream. Use a light hydrating formula that will nourish your under eyes. Don’t forget to use our ring finger to apply less pressure & also be very gentle and don’t pull the skin.  

Stem 8: Moisturizer
Not the last step but we are getting closer…Even if your skin is oily please moisturize! You have no idea what dehydration of skin can do to you. The skin looks rough and aged. Also in order for skin to keep the lubricant it starts producing more oil and as a result you always have super oily face. Every single person needs to hydrate just choice a moisturizer according to your skin type.

Step 9: Oils
After hydration if you are a skincare freak like me then add a good layer of oils. You can even mix in your oil with your moisturizer. One of my favorite’s oils to use on my skin is rose hip oil. I mostly use it for its healing property, however it is hydrating, anti-aging, fights acne, and reduces skin pigmentation as well.

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