Dear Noteblair,

All day, every day, all season & each room I always have a candle burning. Not only it sets the mood, changes the scent of the room but it also makes my heart happy & warm.

With that being said I am VERY specific with the scents I like to burn. They have to smell luxurious, warm, sexy, clean & inviting. I don’t like anything super sweet or too warm. Besides the scent, it is also very important that the candle looks ascetically pleasing. I don’t want any tacky branding or colorful jars that don’t look chic.

I change the candles depending on the season & the time of the day. I know very extra but again candles a huge part of setting the mood for me so I don’t mind having different options for different rooms & events. There are also candles that I might not burn often & they are purely decoration. So here are my go to candles.

DIPTYQUE: My forever go to. It is boujee, chic & the scents are absolutely gorgeous. I have been collecting the jars for years & I use the jars for storage or vase. I love their branding & the minimalistic look they have. I love using them in living room & also bedroom as well. My favorite ones are Roses, Mimosa, Benjoin & Baies.

+ THE WHITE COMPANY: Overall they are not very strong so they work perfectly for dinner table or for a small area. You can smell it but it is not intense. Love the Winter one for Christmas, Fireside for fall.

LE LABO: Defiantly a very unique scents & the are one of the most intense perfumes. Even hours after burning you can still smell the candle. I usually cover the candle with a glass lid when I’m not burning it. My go to ones from them are Santal 26, Palo Santo 14 & Laurier 62.

+ L’OBJET: Their candles are work of art. Purely decoration most of the times. Not only they are expensive but they also look very chic & unique so I barely burn them. (Unless it’s an special occasion).

+ BATH & BODY WORKS: Not my favorite when it comes to ascetic but I think they are fantastic when it comes to scent & also best ones during Christmas. They fill the whole room as soon as you start burning them.

+ WIK CANDlES: Another absolutely amazing brand that I recently came across & I’m obsessed with how sexy & luxurious it smells. The burn time it absolutely amazing as well. My favorite ones are Black tie, Gilded & for my bedroom & spring I love Royal rose.

+ ELEMIS: Not only they have amazing skincare but also their scent is so calming, t is one of my favorites for bedroom & bathroom. It smells calming & clean.

I have a blog post all about how to take care of your candles & how to get the most out of your candles. If you are a candle lover read all about it here.

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