Dear Nolteblair,

Is it just me or you guys have season perfumes too? When I love something I’m VERY loyal to it & that includes my perfumes lol
I very rarley chnage it up because I think scent is sucha unique thing. It is how people know you by & when you find a scent that works for you body It is hard to move on to the next thing. So I found a few that I absolutely love & I tend to stick to them. Just switch them up every season. To give you a general idea of what I like in perfume, Sexy, chic, hint of floral & expensive.

I don’t like fresh & floral scents, for perfume it has to smell expensive for me! Just like candles I like to spend a bit more on them because trust me it makes a difference on how long they stay on your body & how well it blends with your body natural scent.

Long story short here are few of my favs. Just to not confuse you I marked when I love using them.

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