Dear Noteblair,

Few days ago I asked on my Instagram stories on how are you keeping yourself busy during this weird times that we are all home & more than 80% said they are doing DIY projects & organizing. It is so easy just sit on the couch, eat & watch TV, altho there is nothing wrong with that however if you are a productive person to begin with you get bored of even watching tv.
It is no secret that I absolutely love shopping & luckily I’m in a business that I receive lot of products from companies as well. As a result my house becomes a hot mess very easily. Being the organize freak that I am<most of the times> I have picked up tips & tricks that help me stay on top of my shit. Here are few tips that will help you be more organized.

Organize with color
I love this trick specially when I’m looking for a specific item in my closet. It is so much easier to locate things & you don’t waste time going through it all!

Use velvet hangers
Every single time I’m watching an organization video or closet makeovers & I see people using plastic hangers I legit cringe. Why?! why would you use a slippery ugly looking hanger<Yes I’m judging & I’m not sorry about it> Just get yourself a velvet hanger & ideally stick to one color. Everything stays on velvet hangers so much better.

Use baskets & bins
It is so much easier to hide the mess inside the baskets & bins than just the shelf. Either its under the sink, kitchen cabinet<for snacks like chips> or your bathroom using basket on open shelves or even in cabinets makes the astatic to be more organized.

Don’t be a hoarder
I’m very brutal on this! Clothes, kitchen items, decor it honestly doesn’t matter. Every season I brutally go through my every little drawer & closet & get rid of everything I haven’t used for more than 2 months.

Clean up each season
Goes with my pervious tip. Each season instead of putting the last seasons items away, clean up before you put your clothes or items away. Every winter don’t put back the gloves that you have been telling yourself you will wear next winter & you never did. Clean before you put your items in storage, And when bringing new season item in, either its decor or clothing clean up then too.

Use racks
If your clothing is overflowing like mine, using a rack can be helpful sometimes. It still takes up space & is not an ideal way to do it. my tip is to try to stick to one sort of items or one color items to make it visually a bit more appealing.

One in one out rule
If I’m buying a new candle, the old candle must go! So learned to finish up the candles then order a new one!Apply this to everything! from makeup to skincare to clothes. will save money & space!

Store Shoes Heel to Toe
Takes up so much less space & it looks pretty as well.

Double Up on Hangers
Not ideal because you can’t see everything. But there are some hangers that you can buy that shows you both items. It still looks a bit bulky for my liking but when you run on a super small space it can be super helpful.

Buy furniture with storage space in it
My mom always used to suggested a coffee table with storage, and when I grow up and I was shopping for it I keep telling her thats not modern. so we ended up with a coffee table, side table that have 0 storage! Now I’m shopping for something with storage. either the couch, ottoman or coffee table because trust me you will need it! Currently we are hiding our games in our ottoman & few extra serving dishes in our fire place storage.

Empty food packaging inside your own jars
I’m in the process of emptying everything, from coffee to species & snacks into my own jars. They look visually more appealing & they take less space.

Use dead space for storage
You know that corner cabinet that normally you can’t put in stuff that you use on daily bases. use as a storage. Or bottom of the closet where its empty, you can get cubs from ikea that have a lid & store more items underneath.

Hang Gift Wrap in a Garment Bag
This must be one of the most genius things I have ever seen when it comes to organization unless you are so fancy that you have a specific place for them. But however I store them mostly they always get crises on their edges. so this way the edges are secure & also you can see what you have & don’t don’t take so much space. You can buy garment bag with zip so you can store wrapping accessories in it like glue, tape & ribbons.

Fold like Marie Kondo
You can see everything & they take less of an space. I get it lof of effort goes into it however it looks pretties and you can fit more in a smaller space.

On the Door Racks
Use this space to hang stiff specially bathroom ones.Personally don’t love it on the bedroom doors because it becomes bulky quickly however love to hang the robs or bath towels behind bathroom door. Or even using closet doors but from the inside.

Use lazy Susan
A God sent & I don’t know how it took me so long to use this. I have one in my bathroom shelf & one in the kittchen.it is just so much neater & products are more accessible .

Dividers are your best friend
Don’t be that person who just throughs things in the drawer. Use cubs for the clothing organization & divider or trays with dividers for the kitchen. everything should have a place so when cleaning you know where they go. Also they stay more agonized as less clutter as well.

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