Dear Noteblair,

We all know I don’t enjoy being in the kitchen but I love shopping for it! I saw this clear kettle on pintrest few months ago & every since then I’ve been in a hunt for it.
I have been thinking about changing the kitchen up completely but then I had to stop myself & remind myself that we are planning to move from here so there is no point on spending more money on it. So I decided to just chnage a few things up in here so I enjoy it just a bit more.
Starting with the most beautiful glass kettle that I was able to find for super inexpensive! It is absolutely stunning.
There is not much to a kettle beside that it boils water very well lol

Just a note that the writing on the kettle is permanently there on both sides! which I didn’t know & I was kid of annoyed when I first got it! It is a safety letter to the consumer! Also it is noted this for water use only.
It looks bigger in the picture than it actually is so just kept that in mind. It holds 60 ounces which is not small at all but for some reason it looks bigger in the pictures. It is very thin so it is fragile obviously. It looks absolutely stunning on top of the stove.

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