Dear Noteblair,

In the world of beauty, there is new products hitting the market on daily bases now a days! Being in this industry I’m overwhelmed & I can only imagine how you feel! To save you time & energy I voluntarily tried a lot of them & here is what I approve!

Dyson Airwrap™ Styler

YES! It worths every single penny & here is why! You get different attachments with it so you can create tons of different looks. It does get some getting used to specially in curling department but once you get the hang of it you will be as obsessed as I am! It also has the technology to protect your hair so less damage is done which in my case resulted in growing my hair so quickly. It is one of the best investments that you need if you are into taking good care of your hair!


Not everyone is a fan of this one but I think even if you don’t have facial hair like me (I laser mine years ago) you still need to use the razor on your face once in a while to get rid of the dead skin & peach fuzz. Skincare sinks in better & make up looks so much smoother on the skin. You can buy the cheap ones from amazon but I personally would recommend investing in this razor from Sephora.


If you are a long time subscriber this product does not need an introduction! Been using it for 5 years every single day! It is the best for depuffying & also pushing skincare into your skin gently. I keep mine in my skincare fridge so it is always cold! I have rosacea & when it gets activated I use a little aloe vera gel with cold rose quartz roller on it & within few minutes it is completely gone! I use it on top of sheet masks as well to make sure everything is sinking into my skin.

NURSE JAMIE Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller

I use this tool probably not enough! but I loveeee using it on weekly bases specially for massaging my eyes & eyebrows. One of my eyes has heavier hood compared to the other one so I love using this to reshape my face. I understand that the effect is not permanent however using it is super relaxing as well. This decide is more focused on anti aging as it designed to help with loss of firmness, elasticity, uneven texture & wrinkle.


One of the best tools! It is honestly not a must have! Here is how you can steam your face without having a steamer but If you are into skincare it is worth spending in a good one! I mostly use it during winter because the air is dryer but I love steaming my face one a week & then putting on a pore cleaning face mask on. The steam opens up your pores & the products sink in so much better. If you want to know more about steaming here is a blog post post that will give your all the info.

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