Dear Noteblair,

If anyone is looking for a queen of routines…look no further. Here I am! Forever creating routines that I can follow & yes my entire day is now filled with routines! You want to know why? Because I’m a huge believer in

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.
Mike Murdock

So I want to have healthy, productive & just generally good routines. Not only because of a bright future, but because routines make me feel more organized & they don’t overwhelm me. Because I know exactly at what time what I will be doing & no it is not robotic because life happens in between these routines.
Now onto out todays routine topic..My nighttime routine & essentials. I’m sure just like me you do millions of things during the day, either studying, taking care of your children, working or watching Netflix all day <don’t do that every day > at nigh you want to wind down to relax & go to bed so you can do all of it all over again tomorrow. I’m a huge on sleeping & resting. When you don’t sleep enough, not only it effects your mood, but also your skin, energy level & just generally the kind of person you become. However when you are rested, you just deal with life better.
If you are working from home it is easy to loose track of time & work pretty late. Myy best advise would be setting a set schedule for yourself so you don’t end up working from bed at 9 pm. If you work from home watch this video on all my advises. I try to finish work by 5PM . For someone who wakes up at 6:30 my brain doesn’t have the capacity to do more & if I continue I won’t be happy with the work I’ve done.
My nighttime routine starts about 9 PM with my skincare. I like to do my skincare first thing because I don’t ever want to start feeling lazy & not put as much effort as I should. In between my skincare since I do so many steps & I wait couple of minutes in between each step I set the mood of the room. I light a candle, take the book I will be reading, set up my morning alarm, change into comfy PJ.
When my skincare is done I’m ready to get into my bed but something very important for me before bed is drinking tea, specifically green tea. I pour myself a cup of hot green tea & take it to my room.
Before getting in my bed I love spraying my pillow & sheets with a calming sleeping mist. Currently I’m using the Awake dream mist. On the nights that my mind is busier than normal level & I’m having hard time calming my mind I use the Awake roll on & keep calm clarity cream. It mentally takes me to a calmer space. Taking it to next level, if I had my coffee late, or for whatever reason I can’t shut my mind off I take couple of Olly sleeping gummies & it helps me fall sleep so quickly & actually stay sleep until my alarm rings.
I used to listen to audible a lot but recently feel in love with actual print books. I love getting lost in a good novel before bed. I keep my motivational & self growth books for the mornings, because they kind of pump me up & falling sleep becomes harder.
I use my lip balm & hand cream after I had my tea & brushed my teeth & I’m ready for a good night sleep.

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