Dear Noteblair,

with my sometimes 10 step skincare that I share with you guys, The most asked question is why so many, and why not one product that does it all. Well I wish it was that simple. I wish there was only one product, for hydration, anti aging, exfoliate & brightens…See what I did there 🙂

Reason that I use so many products is because they each serve a different purpose. & the most confusing between them all seems to be the difference between moisturizer & serum. So let’s try to keep this short and to the point

What is Serum?

Serums are used to target a specific issue of the skin. sometimes only serum is enough for your skin type but I have rarely seen people that can go without any moisturizer. serums are targeted to do a specific job that your skin needs, such as anti aging, brightening, pore reduction &…
they are normally thinner in texture however denser in ingredients.
Serums sink in your skin deeper compared to moisturizers so they always go into your skin before moisturizer. check this post if you are confused on what order you should apply your skincare.
Depending on the function of the serum, they can be applied morning or evening. The biggest misconception about serums are that they can replace your moisturizer, which is not the case. Serums can be hydrating, however 99% of people will still need a moisturizer after using a serum.

What is moisturizer?

There is not much to say about them because moisturizers are basically a one aspect kind of skincare. Moisturizers are thicker in texture compared to serums. Their main goals is to moisturizer the skin. some of the moisturizer have other properties in them such as anti aging, or SPF. In your morning or night skincare, moisturizer goes on as the last step to lock in the moister.

As a whole if you have a specific skin concern serums are essentials in targeting those concerns. & moisturizers are always essentials in keeping the hydration of your skin. Yes even oily skins need to keep the hydration.Just make sure when purchasing for any kind of serum they have at least 20% of the ingredients you are looking for & when buying moister make sure it is curated for your skin type. I will list few of my serums & moisturizers that you simple & almost every skin type will benefit from it.

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