| Skin & hair care after pool day or tropical vacation |

Dear Noteblair,

I was recently in Palm springs & as much as it was a blast for my soul, It was not great for my skin and hair. all the salt water and the 105° sun made my skin & hair extremely dry. 

As soon as I go home the masking for hair & skin started. 

Before shower: 

The easiest and the cheapest moisturizer is the apply coconut oil all over 5-10 minutes before going into shower. from your hair to your body, apply and leave it on for as long as you can then take a shower & try to avoid super hot water. 

For hair

  • apply coconut oil
  • use a deep moisturizer
  • apply leave in conditioner
  • use hair oil
  • avoid heat for few days 

For face

  • use deep moisturizer
  • apply overnight mask
  • do not scrub 
  • use sheet masks-preferably cold ones
  • use rose quartz roller to push the product in your skin
  • use SPF-ALWAYS

For body

  • do not scrub
  • use body oil with your body lotion
  • apply coconut oil 
  • avoid hot water
  • apply alo vera gel-fresh is better
  • use a thick hydrating body lotion
  • apply a wet moisturizer in sower.(when skin is wet it sinks in moister better) 



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