| Skincare for beginners |

Dear Noteblair,

I know my skincare routines are 10 step sometimes & can get overwhelming. I always get tons of questions on How to start? It is so much easier than you think. You don’t have to use tons of products in order to have a good routine. You just need the basics & when you ready you can add more. I will break it down on the steps & what you need. I would highly recommend to see an dermalogist to make sure you know your skin type when shopping for skincare, however I will list products that I know works for most of skin types. 

Step 1

Cleanser: It shocked me when I hear some people don’t know what cleanser is. When they tell me they wash their face with soap I litterly  have a mini heart attach. Maybe your skin looks fine now however down the line all this harsh chemicals will effect your skin. I want to have slowly & smooth skin when I’m 60. Wipes and water alone won’t remove any of the makeup or the dirt. 

My Tip: Use cleanser only at night!

Step 2

Toner: Before moisturizing & after cleanser it comes toner. It helps to remove excess dirt,oil & the stubborn makeup that was left behind.Trust me you will be surprised!  It correct & balance the pH of your skin. It major helps with acne prone skin because it goes deep into cleansing the skin. 

My Tip: Use toner as a cleanser in the mornings.

Step 3

Moisturizer: Hydrate hydrate hydrate. I can’t say enough about why you need to hydrate your skin, even if you have oily skin. The less you hydrate your face the more excess oil your skin is going to produce. When skin is hydrates the makeup goes on smoother, skin’s overall look is smoother, more radiant. 

My Tip: Get to know your skin type & use moisturizer for your skin type specificly.

That’s it to begin with! You can start adding serums to your skin little by little when you get more advanced. I would highly recommend using masks 2 times a week. One cleaning mask so it can deep cleanse the skin & one hydrating one for extra moisture.



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