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Drinking coffee… As much as I’m enjoying every sip of it the one thing that I don’t like is how it stains my teeth! I tried many products that promise you to whiten your teeth in no time or without any damage to your teeth! Believe me, I’ve tried the whitening strips, whitening toothpaste & the whitening pen but I have never seen the result as I saw with Smile Brilliant kit. I even tried whitening with LED light and that didn’t even work. please read this article to learn more about the trays VS LED whitening kit. It is very important for me to have a healthy and white smile since I am shooting and posting pictures almost everyday. But even more important is to have healthy teeth.  Smile Brilliant offers you a professional whitening in the comfort of your own home . The package is so complete & they provide you with everything that you need. It is the best to do your research & learn more about the product before you order it. I read this article before using the products.

The package that I use is the T3 Sensitive System and it is designed for light stains. Since my teeth stains only from coffee I went with this one. The great thing about the system is they are designed for sensitive teeth & they offer the desensitizing gel with the kit that you can use after the whitening gel. To read more about the teeth sensitivity please read HERE. Another important factor for me is that  They have other packages for Average Stains & also Heavy Stains.

The T3 Sensitive System  package comes with set of custom trays, 9 whitening applications (top & bottom) & 9 desensitizing applications (top & bottom). you receive the materials to create your molds & an envelope to mail back your molds to receive your custom trays. The tray’s are soft and fixable so it is very easy to wear them. Each syringe lasts a long time! I probably get up to 4-5 uses out of each one & the same thing with the desensitizing gels.

I never tried a teeth whitening that I love so much! you can see results in first use & obviously the more consonantly you use you will see a better result. My teeth are whiter & more importantly the whitening kit didn’t damage my teeth all thanks to the amazing kit from Smile Brilliant.



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