| Teddy coat season is here |

Dear Noteblair,

Last weekend I posted a look on my IG stories wearing a teddy coat & the amount of messages & comments that were asking me how do I wear such a bulky & thick coat as a plus size girl shocked me!
I mean just because I’m not small, am I supposed to freeze? This is just ridiculous. I’m surrounded with so much body positivity , from my blogger friends, to my friends & family that It came as a shock that some women were even bothered by that coat.
This is great example of why I always say

Be careful of whose content you are consuming…I choose to consume people who have better things to do with their life than judging others peoples body’s shape or form!

& I would highly recommend every single person does this as well.
As on how do I wear a teddy coat, I just do because they are so cute & keep you warm.

LA is not the coldest place on earth, So you might think this thick coat is not necessary for LA. However as soon as it drops below 65° we don’t know what we are doing…& if you know me you know I’m always cold! it can be 90° outside and I will still look for a blanket.

While shopping for teddy coat or coats generally, I always size down. I just like them to be more fitted. But always make sure your arms are not too uncomfortable, because wearing an extra layer is just next level heavy, so make sure you are getting the correct size. another tip while shopping for coats is to pay attention to your height & height of the coat. The shorter coat is it has more possibility to show off your legs which makes you look taller. While styling a thick coat, try to wear a thinner layer underneath if possible. This is purely for your comfortable movement. Since the teddy coat is so fluffy I go with something very simple, with less texture underneath to make the coat be the main focus of the look. You want the look to be effortless, easy instead of being busy. Teddy coats go very well with leather leggings.

My best tip how to rock not only a teddy coat, but any outfit is just to wear it ! Don’t let the outfit wears you, you wear the outfit & you will shine!

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