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Dear Noteblair,

It is no surprise that I absolutely love hosting…There is this joy of getting everyone gathered together for a night of good food, drink & entertainment.

Let me stat up by saying that I’m not the best cook! In fact I honestly don’t know what I’m doing most of the times…So My mom helped me a lot in the process & also PINTREST! It is safe to say pintrest s my bff at this point & I’m not mad about it.
I know the tradition is to bring left over food or do a potluck for friendsgiving , however my friends are just like me 🙂 We are not the best in the kitchen yet we have many other fantastic qualities…
I didn’t want them to stress out about making something & I didn’t want to stress myself out! Out food menue was not so traditional, If you would like to know what we made I have vlog that shows step by step of it most of the dishes beside the mac & cheese & Tahchin that my mom made.

I shared the table decor on my vlog as well but I will link everything for you guys here. It didn’t take me more than 30 minutes to do everything. the center centerpieces were super easy & inexpensive. Instead of buying the greenery I honestly will next time just get a little leafs from outside trees & it will be the same look. the disposable plates & flatware made it so easy to clean up afterwards. They also looked very chic & it was super affordable. They come in large quantities so you can save them for every special occasion during the year.

For the entertainment we went with few card games made for adults. It was the highlight of the night! Tons of secrets were revered & it was the best way to laugh for hours!

I hope you guys have an amazing thanksgiving or friendsgiving. Not only this week but always be grateful for what you have & work towards what you want to have.

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