| This is 30 |

Dear Noteblair,

wow the big 30!!!

Is it weird if I say I don’t feel 30?! The only concern I have is my skin aging :)) Jokes aside I feel fabulous & definitely wiser that my early 20’s. Being the older sister it was always my job to be wiser & more mature however there are experiences that come with aging! Here is what I learned being 30.

  1. Do you-Because if you don’t no one else will. 
  2. Don’t settle-I  did that with my carrier & personal life for half of my 20’s, always remember you deserve the best because you are the best. 
  3. Time is money-Use your time wisely. You will never get back the energy, youth, drive that you have. Why not use it in your advantage & future? 
  4. Dream big- Always always always dream big & never ever even doubt yourself. Visualization is the first key to success.
  5. Take your vitamins-health before anything. With the busy schedule and the ciaos that we live in sometimes we forget about out health. As you age(sounds like a grandma) your body won’t be the same. Prevention is the best health tip. 
  6. Choose your friends wisely- As you grow up, you realize what kind of people are toxic & your circle becomes smaller. 
  7. Don’t be scared of hard work-Do whatever it takes to built your future.
  8. Listen to your parents- No one wants better for you more than your parents.
  9. Educate yourself-Never stop learning. About everything. 
  10. Live your life not others-If it makes you happy go for it.
  11. Don’t be scared-Being scared means you are about to do something major. Do it and be brave about it.
  12. Have an opinion-Say what you think but don’t be rude. Be your own person.
  13. Have fun-Life is short…No matter what you do seek joy in it.
  14. Plan your future-Know what you want & work towards it.
  15. Accept failures- Happens to the best of us, learn & move on.
  16. Be happy-What life without happiness?
  17. Travel travel travel-The best gift to yourself. traveling opens your eyes in a world that you didn’t know it existed. 
  18. Find a job ASAP- As soon as you have a permission to work, do it. retail job, minimum wage job. whatever it is do it! because it will give you a discipline that no 9-5 job will.
  19. Read-Education is key for everything. Read as much as you can about different topics. more informed you are, the easier the design making becomes
  20. Try again-What if you failed 10 times? you learned 10 new lessons and do it again and again.
  21. Find your passion-Learn about yourself & find what can you do for the rest of your life & enjoy every second of it.
  22. It is never late-Start now & just go for it no matter when and where.
  23. Be responsible-Its a respect towards your own life that no one can give you unless you try.
  24. Have a savings account-A decision that you will never regret
  25. Don’t be scared to say no-If it doesn’t serve you a purpose don’t be scary to reject it. 
  26.  Be respectful-no mater who, when & where. Always remember treat people the way you want others to treat you. 
  27. Give yourself credit-Don’t be so hard on yourself. Acknowledge what you do & then work harder. 
  28. Evolve- Don’t be scared of change, if you don’t change you won’t grow. 
  29. Love yourself unconditionally-love yourself like Kanye loves kanye. 
  30. Be kind-World is full of hate, be love.


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