| Top 5 photo editing apps I use all the time|

Dear Noteblair.

One of the most questions I get asked on ever since I started my Instagram was how I edit my pictures…
Being totally honest with you guys recently I have not been very crazy about how I edit my pictures & the theme I have is all over the place. I have been experimenting with different edits & changing things up however I’m not liking super edited and saturated pictures anymore. I like pictures to keep their natural color but then my OCD of cohesive theme is driving me insane!!! That is why I have been all over the place recently & don’t have solid theme yet!
In between figuring things out there are few steps that I HAVE TO do & I keep using this apps no matter of what theme or edit I use. So while I’m figuring things for a “How i edit my picture post” I want to show you guys my staple apps that help me with my edits & I will let you guys know what I do with them!

one of the most used apps! From selfies to flat lays I always use facetune for different things. Here is what I use it for.

+ Smoothing- There is no shame in smoothing & i think we all do it. We want the picture to look picture perfect & there is nothing wring with that! But be careful to not overdo it and look like unrealistic barbie!
+ Whitening-This is for whitening teeth but I love using it to make overall picture white. I litterly go all over the picture to make the white pop.
+Detailing-Love using this feature to detail eyes, jewelry or a flat lay product. It makes the item to stand out without being to harsh.

It is the best app if you are into filters! We all know I love a good filter to make the pictures look more cohesive. You get tons of options for pictures and also the other cool thing is you can use the filters for apps as well.

Not only for my Instagram pictures, I use PicsArt for my blog pictures as well. They have so many cool features, filters, edits that it has it’s own world of editing tools. I use PicsArt for major edits of my pictures

+Overall edit of the picture-I use it for brightness, contract, saturation, tone,perceptive, crop, rotate.
+Skin color corrector-after editing the picture it casues the skin color to change as well, it has a cool skin color corrector that you can edit your skin color.

For getting rid of unwanted items in the pictures you can use Photoshop or retouch is the super easy and faster way of editing something out of your pictures.

I do not like greens in my pictures & how I get rid of it is by going to darkroom & it has a feature that you chose the unwanted color and bring the saturation down only for that specific color. so it doesn’t mess up your entire picture.

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