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Dear Noteblair,

Washing my hair is the biggest hassle of my life! I literally schedule  everything based on when I can wash my hair-key word- CAN.
Yes I have straight hair & recently I cut all my hair short BUT I have damaged & thin & tangled & LOT OF hair! Average peoples hair take somewhere between 2-3 hours to dry, mine takes 6 hours to air dry! Anyways long story short when I wash my hair its an special ocassion.
With that being said, I also don’t like to walk around with greasy looking hair. I almost do photo shoot every day so I want to look presentable.

Why I don’t wash my hair often

To begin with because my hair care routine is so long that nobody got time to do that 2-3 times a week! So I started training my hair .At the beginning I started not washing my hair for 2 days, then 3 and then 4 and then within couple of months I was on a once a week bases. Shampooing your hair can do more harm than good if you do it too often. It will strip your scalp of all its natural oils and can lead to drying your hair & scalp. I have shorter hair now but I still use the same products and same routine. Read all about my hair care routine & What I’m loving HERE.

How I fake clean hair

When I first started training my hair dry shampoo was my BFF! It still is but I limited my usage of it. Dry shampoo can clog the hair follicle &  effect your hair growth. Now I use it when its an emergency and an important event which is mostly the last couple of days that I need to wash my hair. I wash my hair every Friday so I have fresh hair for the weekend. I tried different ways and came across different hair styles that work great for in between washing my hair. When I wash my hair I will go for a blow out/straight hair. On the 2nd or 3rd hair I will curl my hair.(mostly beachy waves-giving that I woke up like this vibe-you know?) Curled hair is the best in hiding the dirt! I love using a texturing spray to give a volume and it acts like a dry shampoo as well. day 5-6 I go for a braided look or I will do some sort of bun and this is when I use dry shampoo mostly. 

I relay on really good hair care, like masks and blow dry cremes and oils to make my hair more manageable. I do have damaged hair so it comes with a freeze. I would highly recommend investing in a bore bristle brush. They are very gentle on the hair and takes the freeze away. Also use oils even if you hair is oily! Find the right oil that won’t weight down your hair. One great tip that I can give you if you are just starting to train your hair and you naturally have greasy scalp just use a hat! You can just hide the top and the bottoms almost never look dirty as they don’t produce oil. 

Another tip that I can’t stress enough is using a silk pillowcase. I have a whole blog post about the benefits of silk on your skin. One major benefit is that it helps blow dry to last longer because like cotton, silk does not take he moister out of your hair. 

How to avoid washing your hair often

  • Use a silk pillow case.
  • Avoid touching your hair a lot.
  • Don’t sleep with your hair open-use a wirelike hair tie that will not bent your hair and do a loose pony or bun. 
  • Do not restyle your hair everyday. I change up my hair style based on how dirty it is. some hair styles work better on dirt hair!
  • Use a shower cap when taking a body shower. If your hair is anything like mine the smallest humidity will make my hair go frizzy. Shower cap will protect the hair from getting wet & frizzy. 
  • Just train your hair-postpone washing your hair for one day at a time until you reach your goal. Mine was going as long as I can-which is 7-8 days now. 
  • Use products that will not make your hair dirty after washing it. I know it is an investment however if you use this products once a week like I do they will last a very long time. 


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