| How I fake tan my face |

Dear Noteblair,

I recently came across a new technique on how I fake tan my face that is a major GAME CHANGER. I’m not sure how I’m discovering this just right now but this is such a major tip! 

For my face I always use a tanning drops. They look the most natural and I can control how dark I want it to be. What I used to do was adding few drops into my moisturizer and blending the heck out of it. 

Are you ready for the best way to tan your face? 

Now instead of putting it in my moisturizer, I take few drops , apply it on a foundation brush and just blend it on my contour areas. cheeks, chin, jaw line, temples, forehead & even a little side of my nose & bottom lip line. Basically everywhere you would contour with makeup.

Do one are a at a time & apply VERY a small amount. I try to do one area at a time so I don’t add too many drops in one area. I use total of 3 drops for my entire face. Make sure you cover tricky areas, like hair line & when blending the jaw line make sure you bring it down to your neck. When I’m done I don’t add any product on the brush but with what is left on it i do my ears & I go over my entire face with the brush.

This technique gives me the most beautiful & natural looking tan. I use a green base tanner to avoid orange tons. I doesn’t leave lines all over my face & sometimes if I want to be extra, I go over it with a beauty blender just to make sure it is all blended nicely.

MAJOR tips:

  • Make sure you exfoliate
  • Remove all the hair of of your face. The less the hair or peach fuzz the better. I shave my face so I always do it before tanning, it also gets rid of dead skin & makes skin so smooth.
  • Do not use any moisturizers or oils underneath the tanning drop. What works great for me summer Friday R+R mask before tanning. It exfoliates & it is reached with oils for skin so it does hydrate the skin as well.  I wait about 1-2 hours after removing the mask and then I go in with my tanning drops. 
  • Sleep in your tan. I see the best result when I sleep in and the next day I continue my skincare per usual. 
  • Hydrate hydrate & hydrate. Not only for face but for body as well. Hydrates skin holds on to the tan better and it doesn’t look patchy or flaky. 

My face will be always lighter my body & I can go darker by adding more drops but TRUST ME It wont look nice. I want to keep it as natural looking as possible. Why I love this so much because it seems like I have makeup on when in reality I don’t! It is so efficient & we are all about that life! 


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