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Dear NoteBlair,

Warning: This will be a long one so you might want to grab yourself a cup of coffee & cozy up… 🙂

Where did 2016 go? No honestly! where? I feel like it was yesterday that as a habit I was writing down my new year resolutions…Blink of an eye…time to write them again! Not that I stick to them religiously but it’s just nice to see what I wanted to achieve beginning of the year and by end of the year, a year older, a year wiser what my wishes mean to me now?

2016 has been AMAZING…words can’t explain how blessed I feel! I couldn’t be more happy with all the experiences & projects of this year & I’m impatiently waiting to see what 2017 will have for me! I’m very optimistic & positive about it! I have never witnessed that how positive attitude can effect on my life! TRUST me when I say its a major key! What changed my life in 2016 was being patient, never giving up, dreaming it, working towards my dream & being positive about everything!

The highlights of 2016 has been ridiculously major! This set up my goal for 2017 higher! because I want to do better & I want to make more memories like this! but here are some memories that I will forever cherish them!

Starting from my invitation of Movie night with KIM KARDASHIAN WEST! & if you know me a bit you know she is literally my idol! I don’t care how many of you will judge me for idolizing her! I do & I do have a blog post about this if you are interested to read.| HERE |

Another highlight was seeing JB live! It was a night to remember!

Traveling to London, Paris, Nice, Cannes  & Saint trope! In a million years I would have never imagined I would be able to do this! words are to weak to describe my feeling! I have a blog all about the details of my travel which you can find. | PARIS | Cannes & Saint Tropez |




Becoming a Charlotte Russe brand ambassador!!!! I would have never imagined I will be chosen to be a brand ambassador! I will forever be great full for the opportunity

Starting my blog…! NoteBlair changed my life forever, gave me purpose & a completely new perspective on life! being featured, being reposted & seeing how I can inspire other beautiful women to feel confident in their own skin! that is my mission! to inspire others!


2016 was the year of self love! a year that I accepted myself fully…it only took 27 years! I want to 2017 to be even more amazing, more memories, more happiness & more self love! whatever makes you happy, do it in 2017! Make it the beginning of a successful path & living your dreams! & big thank you! thank you for being the best supporters, thank you for encouraging me to do this & thank you for being YOU!




December 30,2016




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