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Dear NoteBlair,

Another year passed by and you are still here! How amazing is that? you are still here reading this, breathing & living! We are so busy with LIFE that we forget to be thankful that we are still here and we are LIVING!

2017 was a very different year for me but instead of saying it was not a good year I will say it was year full of lessons! I had good and bad days! I had some amazing opportunities! I learned not everything will go according to your plan!There were days that I forgot to count my blessings & I started counting all the things that were going wrong…little by little I found myself in a position that I have never been before! broken than ever!

I debated writing this blog because I just don’t want to think of all the things that broke me down but if this helps even 1 person it would justify why I wrote this post.

If you haven’t noticed I have been a little MIA on social media and my blog recently. Truth be told I wanted some time off to reflect on my life & my priorities. My blog and my Instagaram is a huge part of my life but it is just 5 minute of my 24 hours! My love for fashion, beauty & my main goal of spreading positivity & kindness will never change, however how can I do all of that when I myself am struggling!

I once read “Sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others”.

I live by this saying! I taught myself there is always bright side to the story, I taught myself every hardship in life has a blessing at the end! I taught myself no matter how hard life gets there is always a sunshine after rain! I taught myself to be kind, carrying & loving! but I got to a place where I felt stuck and just unsure about things! I started questioning everything instead of appreciating it! Little by little it took over my whole head & heart! It made me unhappy & in pain! I found myself in such a broken and sad place that I couldn’t even recognize myself!

I had a choice to make & took me a long time to realize this! I allowed myself to feel the pain, I allowed myself to cry & when I got to a place that my heart wanted to be happy, my mind needed peace I gave myself a choice! Either I stay how I am and leave my happiness in hands of faith or I work for my happiness!

I have always been a kind of person that needed to do everything on my own! I relay on no one for anything! Why did I ever relay on others or faith for making me happy?! I promise you if you are not happy on your own, no one can make you happy!

Life happens & no matter how much we try we will make mistakes along the way! Let me tell you this if you never made any mistake then you never lived a day in your life! Mistakes make you a better person, mistakes make you a wiser person & they make you stronger! Nothing is more powerful than a wise &  strong person! It takes courage to accept you made a mistake & just move on!

Remember you have a soul & it is not lost! Remember you have a heart & one great capability of heart is that it can heal! Be grateful & practice happiness! Remember you have you & that is enough for your happiness!

I wish you a happy New Year! A year full of smile, joy & happiness!

December, 31 2017



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