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Dear Noteblair,

Recently I had a lot on my mind, both business & personal wise & it kind of became so overwhelming that I started having such an unproductive, boring and unmotivated days which I absolutely can’t stand those days…I have changed few things in my routines that helped me a lotttt just to simply have better days. I’m a huge believer on starting the day right so most of the things I changed was in my morning routine. 

  1. Don’t check social media
    until you are done with your morning routine. It is the most toxic way to wake up. Because you wake up living other peoples life & not yours. You see people having their best life in Ibiza or you see a sad news on social…whatever it is It can wait…It can wait for you to do your thing, live your life, DO YOU first. You wake up focusing on other people’s life when you have the opportunity to live yours. I don’t check social until around 1-2 hours after I wake up.
  2. Fresh air & natural light
    As soon as I wake up I open up a window and blinds. Even if it is a cloudy day there is something amazing in natural light that wakes you up, puts you in a great mood and there is nothing better than a fresh air early in the morning. I even will do light stretch as soon as I wake up just to get the blood flow going. 
  3. Drink your H2O
    Drinking water as soon as you wake up, wakes up your digestive system. Purifies the colon & preps the stomach for a better nutrition absorption. It is also the number 1 secret to glowing skin. I personally am too lazy so the night before I put my water next to my bed & I even add lemon and mint in it so it is not plane. As soon as I wake up I will have my water.
  4. Journal & brain dump
    I recently started journaling and doing the brain dump early in the morning. I write 3 things I’m grateful for, it can be anything! Sometimes I’m even grateful for coffee. Then I write 3 things I love about myself. Again it can be anything from physical to your soul. And then I do a brain dump. I don’t time myself on this I usually write until i have nothing else to say. Noun of it is complete sentences. Whatever comes to mind I write! If something is bothering me, or it is about an upcoming project or travel plan I have…it doesn’t matter what it is. I basically empty out all my thoughts into paper and close it and be done with it. 
  5. Make your bed
    It is the simplest yet most of us are not doing it…Making your bed is the best way to start organizing your day. Especially if you work from home. It latterly takes 2 minutes to make your bed.

Now that you had your water, your blood is flowing better, you have the sunshine and fresh air, you wrote everything you have in your mind and you dumped it all out. You can have the best day ever because you took care of your body and soul first. Now go have the best day ever-every single day!





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