Dear Noteblair,

It is that time of the year again…I don’t know about you but I LOVE new baggings. That could be every morning, A Monday & in this case a new year! I love the that you get the opportunity to rewrite your story with any new begging. I usually name name this blog post “New year, better me” because I always said it & I will say it again. I love who I am & I don’t want to fully change myself however I would love improve myself! This year I want to be very loud & clear about my intentions. One thing I truly believe in is having a clear vision what I want. Personal or carrier does not matter. I like to have a clear vision of everything I try to achieve that year. With that being said here are some of my goals & intentions I would like to set for 2023. Of course in my vision board & personal notes I have them all written in details however these are some general goals that I have this year.

+ Travel: As much as I can. Literally I have a never ending list of places I would like to see, foods I would like to eat, cultures I would like to experience. I would like to travel as much as I can because there is nothing that opens my mind & motivates me as much as traveling.

+ Learn more: I don’t think there will ever be a point in anyones life that you know it all. So I would like to add to my knowledge as much as I can this year. I love taking courses online through skills-shared. So easy & efficient. I would also love to learn a new skill.

+ Move my body more: I have talked about this a lot but it is one of my major goals & also would like to make it a habit. I adopted walking ever single morning this year. I would like to continue this habit in the new year & also would like to add 4-5 times a week some sort of workout to this routine. When I feel goof physically I fell good mentally.

+ Have more discipline: Specially when it comes to work & habits that I’m just adopting this year. Overall I’m a very determine person however I sometimes feel overwhelmed & instead of starting from somewhere all together I give up on things or I change my route which is not a bad thing. however I would like to be a bit more disciplined & a bit stricter with postponing things. Basically do what needs to be done at that moment.

+ Work harder: This might be controversial one however I feel like I feel like I could have done so much more that past year & sadly I brought up so many excuses & didn’t give it my all. I want to give it my 110% this year & basically work my ass off.

+ Elevate my life: Just live a better life for me. It can be material things it can be experiences. I know it might not make sense to all however I have always been into nicer things in life. This is one of the things that motivates in my life to work harder & don’t give up. We all have different definitions of it & as long as yours make you happy thats all that matters.

+ Increase my audience: It might be just a number to some, however as someone in social media world it means a lot. Not only my instagram, I would love to achieve a milestone of audience throughot all my platforms. Youtube, tiktok & also my blog.

+ Live a heather lifestyle: Meaning no pasta at 12 AM or gummies for lunch basically! In all honestly I did not keep a good balance of nutrition this year. I start with a fantastic smoothie however the remaining of the day my eating habits are just horrific so will focus on making sure I’m giving my body the love it needs.

+ Sleep: Yes I’m putting this intention because sleeping at 3 AM & waking up at 6 ( I love to wake up early no matter what) is just not it! I feel exhausted & I bring all the excuses in the world to not get something done. I would love to stick to a sleep schedule as much as I can.

+ Meet new people: I have never been a social butterfly. I mean it depends where I am & how am I feeling but this year I want to be open to meeting new people both in my personal & carrier.

In my journal I explain each of these categories in details. I love writing everything I want in details. If it is a specific contract I want or a specific shoe I would like to purchase or a travel destination…I write them all in my notes & also every year I make a vision board. I save the vision board as my background on laptop & ipad. It’s the best reminder of my goals & helps me envision having them so much better. With that being said I’m going to love you & leave you.

Happy new year from me to you. I’m really excited for 2023 & I really hope you are too. Wishing you all a joyful, healthy, successful & full of love 2023.

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