Dear Noteblair,

We are little by little resuming the normal life, or I should say our new normal life! This means we might get back to regular programing of date nights, birthday parties, night outs & getting together with friends specially for a cozy night in! to cover all you fab events that are coming up,either you are a glam girl or laid back one here are 7 essentials that your wardrobe will need not only this fall but all the upcoming falls to come! The main focus of the items are how versatile they can be so you can create any look you want! I will go over each item & tell you how you can make it chic or casual!

The leather leggings

Yes you can rock them & no they are not too much! Wear them with a slick looking sneakers, a hoodie, leather jacket & gold jewelry for a casual chic look! For a night out look wear them with heels, sweater & over the shoulder camel coat or leather jacket. Add big earnings & you got yourself the hottest outfit!

The camel coat

An essential in everyones wardrobe! In LA it doesn’t get as cold in Fall but you can go for a light weight camel cardigan with the same effect! Wear with jeans,flat booties & a sweater for a casual look! For a more elevate look, go for a tight high boots & a sweater dress & let the coat does the talking! There is just MANY ways you can style a basic camel coat!

The chic tights

My obsession with gucci tights is next level! Like it is unhealthy how much I adore these tights! They just look absolutely stunning with any outfit I try them with! A simple mid tight dress, leather skirt,midi dress…You name it & I tried it with it! I know it can be expensive but it elevates your outfit & gives a very chic look to it!

The Black boots

Most of the year I’m not a huge fan of wearing black shoes, however when it comes to fall & winter black basic boots are essentials! Get some block heel that is right above your ankle & some flat ones! You can wear these 2 boots with dresses, jeans , skirts & even your boujee tights!

The Beige sweater

And specifically the beige one! Because it just goes with your blue jeans, also will go with your leather pants & defiantly will go with a silk skirt! Add a brooch to it to make extra! Go for a puff sleeve or some sort of statement sleeve kind of sweater so half of the job os styling is done! Wear sneakers with either jeans or leather leggings for a casual look.

The Jeans

If I’m being honest I kind of missed wearing jeans! Just recently started wearing them again ( After my very long love affair with summer dresses or I should say dresses in general ). With a chic sweater, heeled boots & your camel coat you will give the a chill but chic girl vibe & with your flats & leather jacket you are giving the cool girl vibe! Regardless of how you are styling your jeans it will alway give a chill & cool girl vibe!

The Leather Jacket

It was a bit close for this category not to be mentioned but I couldn’t not have a leather jacket as an essential because it literally is an essential! With flats or sneakers, draped over a hoodie with leather leggings it will just look so fashionable & with sweater dress or trouser it will just be the statement piece in your outfit!

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