Dear Noteblair,

A week ago Netflix came out with a documentary called The social dilemm. If you have not watched it please go watch it right now before even reading this post because it will make so much more sense! After taking about the show on my IG stories, lot of people messaged me asking what do I think about it considering the fact that my job is mainly on social media! I have a lot to say (Let’s be real I always have a lot to say) but my main goal from this post is talking to to you guys about how to use social media in a way that is healthier for your mind! The easiest way would be just deleting it & forget that it ever existed however I think a lot of positive comes out of social media if you learn to use it as a tool! (If you watched the documentary I’m sure that rings a bell).

Limit the usage of social media
Just like anything else in your life that has a time limit, you should use social media with a limited time as well. You might be tricked into thinking social media is fun & it is not like studying but you are so wrong! Most people feel drained & irritated after closing their social media. Either you saw your high school best friend getting married to your high school crush or you saw your cousin buying a new designer bag or your favorite influencer flying first class! Seeing all of that all day long is not easy! Not for you & not for anyone else! I will get more into comparison in a bit but for now limit how much time you spend on social media. If you have to use time limitation apps, if you have to leave your phone in the other room or even if you have to turn it off do it but don’t spend half of your life watching other people live their life while you are watching them built their dreams come true!

Pay attention who’s content you are consuming
This is so important! Find people who uplift you, that can be fashion,food, beauty & life related doesn’t matter! Make sure you never leave their page irritated or annoyed! I only have 10 people that I regularly follow on daily bases! Yes only 10! If I have extra time in hand I will catch up with everyone else. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the content they create, it just means consuming their content doesn’t always align with my mindset. Specially as an creator it is so easy to lose your own lane in between all the creators so Less consuming & more creating! Don’t feel bad for unfollowing people who don’t bring any kind of value to your every day life!

Social Media is a tool
So use it as a tool! It is a tool for you to connect with your not so close friends, it is a tool for you to learn what is new in stores, it is a tool for you to learn a new recipe, it is a tool to learn where you can fid the best gin & tonic! It is a tool for you to learn what is going on it the world. It gives you informations & news that probably you might not heard of because you don’t watch BBC news on a daily! You get what I mean! Social media can be very informative but make sure you consume your information from a reliable source because the downfall of social media is sometimes people just want to have a voice & be loud but what they are saying is not always the truth! Another reason why you should always pay attention who’s content you are consuming!

No one is picture perfect
We all know this, but still sometimes we envy people we see online! I think it is just us being humans! I promise you nothing you see online is as good as it seems & if it is I promise you it didn’t come easy as you think it did! Pretty girls with beautiful browns, I promise you they spend half an hour doing their brows! Shinny relationship? You don’t know how much they prayed to find the love of their life! Fit bodies? they spend hours working on their fitness journey! You get what I mean hopefully! Learn to not compare your chapter to someone else’s chapter! Let them motivate you, inspire you & help you grow! If it is not doing any of these 3 then you are not following the right people! It is easy to share happy moments, the moments you feel pretty & the moments you feel happy! Sometimes even moments that seem happy even tho you might not feel that inside! not everyone has the courage to show their struggles & it is totally okay! Internet can be a very brutal & unkind sometimes & there is nothing wrong with choosing only sharing what you want to be shared but always remember behind every shiny picture online there is an untold story! some happy some sad!

Built your real life, online life can wait!
Last but certainly not the least! Live your life first then spend time on social media! I have a strict no phone policy when I wake up! It just changes your whole mood when you wake up & while you are still in bed you open up your social accounts! Try getting up doing your morning routine, whatever that is either it is reading a book, doing your skincare, getting kids ready for school! Get to your life firs! I’m a huge beliver in setting your days mood early in the morning! You never know what you will see onlinveither in your social or even your work emails! there is nothing in social media that won’t be there in couple of hours! So first take care of your mind & body so you are in a good mental state & then get to your phone! I just don’t like the energy & the anxiety of using a phone early in the morning or late at night!

Social media can be overwhelming, stressful, depressing & negative…But it can also be motivational, positive, informative & purely just fun if you learn how to use it! Always remember social media is a tool, don’t let it become an addition & don’t ever replace your real life for an online one!

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