| Holiday Glitz & glam – Asos edition |

Dear Noteblair,

Happy November & officially start of prep for holiday… I know we still have a month left but it is never too early to be prepared for your holiday parties. either for work events or family events I’m always the Kim of the family & show up all dressed up! I mean any excuse to dress up! 
I wanted to create this blog because I myself have a hard time jumping from one website to another to find what I’m looking for. I always turn to Asos because it is simply easy! If something didn’t work out I don’t have to pay shipping & they have so many options (as you will see below) that there is something for everyone. 
This year in addition to plus size I collected my favorites from regular size items as well. I have lot’s of cousins & friends who are not plus size & they always ask for my help so I have decided to include ALL sizes in my posts from now on. 
From dresses to body suits or even jumpsuits & tops I got you. I hope you are ready for all the festivities to come.

use code “luvasos” for 20% off

Grab yourself a bubbly & let’s begin shopping. 






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