Dear Noteblair, 

It is no secret that I like pretty much everything feeling lux & looking pretty! Through out the years I have learned how this little adjustments,  overall help me & people around me feel better. So here are little daily habits & rituals that makes each moment a little more beautiful.

+Light a candle
I do this as soon as I wake up! While I take a shower, while cooking, working & of course while having dinner! Candles just add a pretty & calm element to whatever it is that you are doing!

+Use pretty silvewear & glassware
There is nothing that bothers me more than people drinking water from plastic bottle or using disposable silvewear on daily! I get it, it’s easy! However I like using pretty dishes & glasses! I promise you it makes a difference! I would even decorate the table as much as I can!

+Take daily walks
Even if it is for 10 minutes, grab your morning coffee,  play your favorite podcast & take a walk for few minutes outside! It changes your entire mood & how you start your day.

+Buy flowers
One of my weekly tasks that I never fail to do is to buy flowers for myself & create a beautiful arrangement. Not only it makes me feels good but it also elevates the home decor.

+Have wine + appetizer while cooking
I’m not someone who enjoys cooking so I have to make it fun for myself! A light appetizer with wine is the best combo & makes the process more enjoyable, specially if you are cooking with some else.

+Create a morning & evening routine
Not only skincare routines,  but like a proper routine that works for your lifestyle & stick to it!

It can be any subject that you want & enjoy! Put the effort of putting away your phone & getting lost in a book! choose education over entertainment at least 30 minutes a day.

+Use luxury bedding
It’s an investment that worths every single penny. Don’t forget to use satin pillow case. It makes the biggest difference in your skin & hair care.

+Be grateful
Either you write it in your gratitude journal or you just say a simple prayer! whatever works for you don’t forget to appreciate every little thing you have.

+Don’t rush & enjoy the moment
Make everything an experience. From your morning coffee to when you are folding laundry! Don’t rush into moving to the next thing! I understand not everything we do in life is enjoyable however that moment is never coming back so try to make it as fun as possible! Listen to music or FaceTime your bestie when you are doing something not so exciting!

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