Dear Noteblair, 

Please tell me I’m not alone in this! I’m not one that is easily influenced,  however when it comes to a new gadget from amazon, a cute pair of shoes or life changing skincare you should see how fast I add that to my cart! At the end of the month sometimes I’m embarrassed to even look at my statement! Most of my early 20’s I didn’t care enough about saving for future if we are being honest! I would say after 25 was when I decided to take things a bit more serious & fast forward to now that I’m 32 I THINK I got it under control to the best of my ability! Is it the perfect plan? Im sure no but does it work for me yes! I’m not one to be okay with not living, just saving! That life is just not for me so I had to have a plan that would work for me financially & also mentally (emotionally) lol

+Limit online shopping- Easier said than done! I know, trust me! I promise you more than 80% of the items you are buying from amazon or from an AD on Instagram are impulse purchases! My online shopping rule is how many times am I going to use this item I’m buying! Does not matter if it is clothing or the coolest amazon gadget! Will I get the use out of it? Do I have something similar to it? & then I make a decision to buy it or no! At the beginning it was difficult but then you get used to that mentality!

+ Find out where you spend the most & see if they are essential
Nails, coffee, restaurants, amazon….the list goes on! There was a period of time that I would spends $100’s on weekly bases on food! I’m not the best cook but as soon as I started eating more at home & finding simple recipes that work for me that saved me so much! I left the restaurants & food delivery for pretty much only weekends! The other place I spent a lot is on my nails! I used to go every 2 weeks & at the end of the month again I would spend $100’s on my nails! Now I postpone it as much as I can & sometimes I even skip the salon & do it myself! Make coffee at home as much as you can…At the end of the month this little changes make a huge difference!

+Budget yourself-Every month I budget myself for all my spendings! A separate budget for fun purchases, bills, saving! At first it was hard because I was limited to spending just a certain amount but little by little you get used to it & sometimes it even happens that I have extra money left & I immediately transfer it to my saving account! I never role over one mouths budget to next month!

+Use cash or debit for fun purchase-You deserve to spoil yourself so do it but don’t put that on your credit card! Not only you end up paying interest if you don’t pay off on time, but sometimes the amounts adds up & paying of the debt becomes a huge burden! Only put purchases on credit cards when you know you are able to pay it off on time!

+Close unnecessary credit cards-I think retail credit cards are the worse! high interest & so much easier to spend money because they get you with their rewards! I say close them all & keep 1-2 credit cards!

+Set a goal to save-Based on your income & your essential spendings,  put a goal for yourself to save a certain amount each month! My biggest advise on saving would be to put a realistic amounts aside! (10-20% of your income is a great way to start) obviously if you can do more GREAT!

+Treat yourself-We all work hard so we deserve to treat ourselves! whatever that treat is for you! Going to an exquisite restaurant or buying a designer item or traveling! Whatever will make your soul happy do it once in a while because you deserve it!

Moral of the story, don’t ever spend more than what you can afford!

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