Dear Noteblair, 

As far as I can remember I have been a morning person! There is something special about early mornings when the world is still sleep…it has a special calmness & peacefulness to it. Just because I enjoy it does not mean I actually enjoy getting up & starting my day! Throughout the years I was kind of forced to wake up early for work & school so my body got used to it & I created little routines for me that it makes me excited about each morning! So here is a little insight into my mornings & how I wake up early.

  1. Create a morning routine that you enjoy! Mine is my morning coffee! I look forward to sitting either in bed or by fire place,  drinking my coffee & reading a book or go through Pinterest. I look forward to doing my skincare & listening to podcast! Do something in the mornings that you love & you are looking froward to it.
  2. Go to bed early! I struggle with this myself because sometimes I feel like 24 hours is not enough for one day! Either I’m busy drinking rosé or I’m working I try my best to be in bed by 10:30 at least during the week! If you have hard time falling sleep like me try Olly gummy vitamins! I swear by them!!
  3. Have a good night sleep. For the longest time I was sleeping but my sleep was not deep enough so I kept waking up throughout the night which caused even more tiredness in the morning. Now in addition to my Olly vitamins I drink Yogi Bedtime Tea. I’m not obsessed with the taste but it helps me fall sleep & actually sleep all night so I can wake up fresh. Taking a hot shower before bed helps a lot as well.
  4. Write down everything you want to do the next day in your planner. I don’t like it when things take up space in my mind. So I write them down so I know I will remember them tomorrow. I like to schedule my day as much as I can so it doesn’t give me stress. When I know exactly what I’m up to tomorrow makes me feel more calm.
  5. Open the blinds as soon as you wake up. There is something so special about sunshine & light. Makes my heart smile & it kind of tells my mind that it is time to wake up.
  6. Move your body. I’m not a huge workout person but I came in terms with moving my body in the mornings. After my coffee session I like to do few exercises at home. If the wether is nice I will take a 10-15 minute walk around the block. Do an activity you like!
  7. Stop hitting snooze! There is nothing that I hate more than keep hitting the snooze button. It just bothers me! So as soon as my alarm goes off I’m up!

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